Toys: Infantino

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Recommendations for Shopping Cart Covers

Hello, Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced shopping cart cover? There are not many reviews on this. I'm not looking for all the bells and whistles. Just something that will work on all cart sizes and will completely cover the cart. Having their own safety straps is a plus too as well as very low key print. The Baby Bargains book does not recommend Infantino. I'm interested in Baby Ease Clean Shopper - any thoughts?


Bath Toy Funk!

my son's squishy bath toys (the little animals like duckies and whales and...

Jumpers & Walkers

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Activities for 7 1/2 Month Old

My daughter is 7 1/2 months, and she just started crawling. I need advice on new types of toys or entertainment i can provide her. She gets really tired of her toys QUICK! She has a jumper, and she only likes to be in it for 5 minutes (if that). She has tons of stuffed animals, the rings, books, baby cell phone, remote control, etc.... Does anyone have any suggestions of toys/activities your children absolutley loved?


Walker or Jumparoo?

I LOVE when babies are in walkers! Its so cute! I love them being able to...