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Number Busters by Little Tikes

Has anyone heard of, had children play with or currently own Number Busters by Little Tikes. I love getting my son educational toys and I am looking for a great 3rd Birthday present for him. The description on Little Tikes website sounds great, but I like to hear what other parents think of it as well and on both Amazon and Little Tikes it is not reviewed yet. I would also like to know if anybody feels it is a little too complex for a 3 year old to enjoy. Would also welcome any other suggestions for great educational toys for a 3 year...

Activity Centers

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Which One Would You Choose?

My little guy is going to be about 6 months old at Christmas and I want to get him one big thing from Santa. So far, I like the Little Tikes Activity Center and the Laugh and Learn Playhouse. Does anyone have experience with either or both of these? Which would you recommend? The Little Tikes one is about $20 less than the playhouse so the cost difference is nothing too major.

Play Structures

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Swing Set or Sandbox?

Hi! We recently moved and were looking to add something to the backyard for our kids, ages two and five. We have a smallish backyard and currently have a Little Tikes playhouse and climbing/slide structure, which I'm and they're happy with. They love sandboxes, so I was initially thinking of adding one (w/ a cover), but some family members, including my husband, think a swing set would be more useful. I know there are some that even come with sandboxes. My hesitation is that we may only be in this house for five years and because my...


Swing Set Safety

Any advice on purchasing a swing set? My hubby feels the aluminum sets aren...

Wooden Toys

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Seeking Advice on a Wooden Playset

I am wanting to purchase a nice Wooden Playset for my 2 1/2 year old son. Have any of you recently purchased one? I did not realize how expensive they were. I do not mind spending the money as long as it is going to hold up and keep him entertained. Thanks