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Flying with a Pack N Play

We're going to be flying with our 15 month old next month and would like to take our Pack N Play. I've never taken a Pack N Play on an airplane. Do I check it, or carry it on, or have it stowed underneath with the strollers?


Pack N Play Wanted

I am in great need of a pack n play that is in great condition for my...

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Need Your Advice - How to "Train" 18 Mo Old to Sleep in Pack N Play?

Our son loves his crib. The last time we went on a long weekend vacation he slept horribly and consequently made us all miserable. We were exhausted, he was napping more during the day when we wanted to be out having fun and our whole weekend ended up a bust due to his not wanting to sleep in the pack n play. I am hoping we can "train" him to nap in it. Has anyone ever done this? I don't want every vacation to be a miserable experience just because he's not in his crib at home. Would love your advice.

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Pack-N-Play = Safezone... or It Was...

In order to get things done around the house, sometimes it is nesessary to put down your newborn... this can be complicated when you have a very loving (though sometimes overzealous) 2 year old in the house as well... Up until now my husband and I have been using the Pack-N-Play as a way to move freely when we need to... Putting the newborn in there for belly time or nap in order to keep her safe from the 2 year old when we need to turn our back... This worked wonderfully until today... My 2 year old has aquired a new skill......


Cleaning Baby Toys

Hi Mamas! What do you use to clean off your babies toys, carseat etc.? ...