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Looking Forward to Summer Break - Heak No!

M.H. asks from Lansing

I was at a party yesterday and the subject came up. Everyone was shocked that I said no, I wasn't looking forward to it. Yes, I'm looking forward to summer days on th...


How Many Outfits Does Your Child Have??

L.O. asks from Detroit

It seems like my kids have a lot of clothes.. and with as fast as they grow through sizes.. Some things barely get worn before they have outgrown them.. So I am takin...


Would Love to Cut My Groceries Bill !!

T.S. asks from Wheeling

I am the mother of four sons ,14,12 ,5,and 16mo. We live on a somewhat tight income ,and it seems like one of our biggest expences is our grocery bill !In a month we ...


Low Milk Supply and Herbal Supplements

J.F. asks from Columbus

I am exclusively breastfeeding my almost 5 mo old son. He has dairy and soy intollerances (blood in his stool and diarhea). Other than that, he is a big, healthy boy ...


10 Month Old Refuses to Eat Baby Food!!

S.D. asks from Kalamazoo

I got such positive feedback on my son's sleeping issue I thought I would ask for advice on his eating baby food issue. He is 10 months old, 11 month on March 27th. H...


Cutting Grocery Bill

C.N. asks from Toledo

Hi ladies - I need some advice on how to save money at the grocery store!!! I have 2 little boys (4,1) and my husband and I and our bill is $800+ a month. To me this...


Sam's Club or Costco? Is It Really Worth It?

S.C. asks from Chicago

So, I'm thinking of paying for a membership for either Sam's Club or Costco? I had a Sam's Club membership a while ago when we were a family of 3 (me, husband and da...


This Is Not Normal Teenage Behavior

B.B. asks from Indianapolis

My daughter will be 15 next week. She is the most dispespectful child I have ever known. She has been diagnosed in the past with ADHD,bipolar and borderline personal...


Cradle Cap

D.P. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any success storied of getting rid of Cradle Cap in a timely manner. My son's case keeps coming back despite using the traditional recommended advice.


Monthly Cost of Groceries Comparison

S.W. asks from Phoenix

I'm trying to find a way to cut back on expenses. One of our biggest monthly expenses is our grocery bill. We shop at Target weekly and a Sam's Club every other wee...