Sleeping Habits: Toddler, Baby Einstein

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Does Baby Einstein Rot Babies Brains???

A.B. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, so my son started watching baby einstein at maybe 5 months old and LOVED it. He'd completely pay attention and we'd watch together for hours. We, of course,...


Toddler Sleep Issues

J.B. asks from Kansas City

So for the last year I've been raving about the Sleep Lady's methods. (She says to let the baby cry, but sit with them and gradually move closer to the door each nigh...


CD Player for Baby's Room

L.A. asks from Detroit

I want to purchase a cd player for the baby's room - for herclassical and baby einstein. What do you recommend?


Learning Programs for My 2 Year Old!

M.M. asks from Omaha

I just became a stay at home mom and I was wondering if anyone know of some programs to help with shapes, colors, numbers, and ext. I want to get my 2 year old as rea...


2 Year Old and Diaper Changes

A.A. asks from Minneapolis

All of a sudden my 2 year old boy is being a big pill during his diaper changes. He is not rashy or anything, it just seems like a power play to me. He will kick his ...


Bedtime Woes

E.B. asks from Port St. Lucie

my 3 1/2 almost 4 year old daughter is having a lot of trouble at bed time lately. Besides the fact that we recently moved into a new house and she now has to sleep i...


How Old Should My Baby Be When I Should Start Training Her to Sleep on Her Own?

G.T. asks from Boston

How old should my baby be when I should start training her to sleep on her own? and without my rocking, bouncing, nursing her to sleep etc? She is 3 months old and t...


Thoughts on Using Pillows for an Almost 2 Year Old

T. asks from Chicago

A friend is wondering when she can start using a pillow in her crib for her almost 2-year old daughter. Any opinions out there?


1 Year Old Schedule for Stay at Home Mom

D.G. asks from San Francisco

I would like to get a real schedule going! My days seem to go by however and whatever to get through the moment. Being a stay at home mom I get stuff done when the o...


Seeking Help with Disciplining My Son

A.B. asks from Phoenix

My son is 3 years old. He has had a hearing problem, which we are having surgery done for his ears. I know there is a lack of comunication between us. I have read ...