Sleeping Habits: Toddler, Exersaucer

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Help! 1 Year Old Has Decreased His Naps & I Can't Get Anything Done!

Hi. My 1 year old son has stopped taking long naps...he only sleeps about 30 min. (His doctor is not concerned about the short naps...he just doesn't need as much sleep). I used to get everything I needed to do (shower, laundry, dishes, pay bills, cooking etc) while he slept. Now that he doesn't sleep as much, I'm finding it very difficult to get anything done. Any advice? Thanks!


Camping with Toddler

Hi Mamas, My husband, daughter and I moved to Bellevue, WA a little over...


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Exersaucer for 6 Month Old

Did you buy an exersaucer for your baby? I keep hearing how great they are but they're not cheap and so far I haven't had luck finding one on Craigslist. I don't want to get caught up in the baby industry and spend tons of money unnecessarily, but I keep hearing that exersaucers are great for this age. Do you/did you own one and did you find it useful? At the moment, we put our baby in her bouncy seat, on the bed, bumbo seat (which I don't find useful at all), or on the floor on a mat. Someone let us borrow a jumparoo but we haven't used...


2 Year Old and Nap

OK, I know many of you will think I am crazy (I actually think I am crazy,...

Soothing & Comforting

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How to Keep a 17 Month Old Safe and Contained While I Shower

Hi Moms! I need your creative ideas on how to outsmart my 17 month old. Ever since he's been mobile I have put him in the pack & play while I shower. He LOVES being in the pack & play during this time and even giggles and claps with excitement when I roll it out of the closet each morning and set it up. My problem is that for the last few weeks, as soon as I get in the shower he pulls on the "floor" of the pack & play so that it detaches, folds it up, and then stands in the "hole" made by the soft area below the "floor". I leave the...


3 Month Old?

I have a 3 month old boy. He is a big boy. He weighs almost 20 pounds. My...