2 Year Old and Diaper Changes

Updated on July 31, 2012
A.A. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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All of a sudden my 2 year old boy is being a big pill during his diaper changes. He is not rashy or anything, it just seems like a power play to me. He will kick his legs and make it really hard for me to change him! I try and keep my cool and sing to him and not acknowledge that he is having this little ordeal but it's not helping. I am setting the stage for potty training right now, letting him help flush his poopy diapers, sitting on the potty etc. but he's not ready for full on training right now. Did anyone else go through this????

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answers from Rapid City on

I don't know of many who don't go through this stage. I really like the idea of the special toy. My daughter in law would give my granddaughter a brush or something on the changing table. They are learning to be cute and love this way of acting like a tease so distracting them will help.

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answers from Minneapolis on

When my 2 year old started this, I told her no more diapers! She ran around all morning without a diaper and after one accident on the floor she started using the potty. Just like that she was potty trained. This is what we ended up doing with our oldest daughter when she was 2 too. I feel that when toddlers start wanting to control the way their diaper is changed, then it is time for them to take full control and use the real potty. Maybe you just try to let him go without a diaper and see what happens. Of course he may have a few accidents, but that is okay - it will let him know what it feels like to be wet and that he can hold it until he gets to the potty.

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Maybe it is time to start using pull ups when you know he is too busy to lay down. When my daughter did not want to lay down anymore at around 20 months I taught her to put her hands on the bathtub edge or the floor and bend over for me to wipe her bottom. I figured it would not hurt to start changing her in the bathroom and it made her happy since she did not want to lay still on her back. When she did have to laydown I would always give her a toy for her hands or a wipe or the the new diaper so she could help. Then during the day except during naptime and bedtime she got to wear big girl pull ups.



answers from Lincoln on

My two year old does this to me and his dad, but not to his big brother! His big brother is 10 years old and they adore each other.

I do think it's a power play. I don't ignore that he's giving me a hard time, however. He has gotten the evil "you're in trouble" look to let him know it is not okay to kick his mom! It usually works.

When I tell him it's time to change his diaper he says "NO!" and drops to the floor so I have to practically drag him! All I say here is "Yes, mom... let's go change my diaper" and pick him up. It's gotta be done, right?

Do distractions like books work? They usually work for us.

And do remind him that he's to treat you nicely even during his diaper changes! We tell our son to thank us for the diaper change. :)



answers from Minneapolis on


All my kids went through this. Try giving him a book or toy or if there isn't any poop, you could try changing him standing up. You could also have a special "diaper changing song." It could be anything - just long enough to get it done. This worked with one of my kids. He knew he just had to hold still until the end of the song and he was free.

Good luck,



answers from Minneapolis on

OMG, I am currently going through this and was given the suggestion (and it works like a charm) to have a certain toy or something that he only gets when you are changing his pants. If it is a book make sure that he doesn't have access to that book unless he is getting changed. Then when it is time show him the toy and tell him he has to lay down and then he can have it. Then when you are done ask for the toy back so you have it for next time. It works awesome!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

Try switching to pull-ups - simply because you can step into the new "diaper" instead of needing to laydown (if it's wet). It's a lead into potty training anyway. My kids did the same thing at that age - they are just too busy to be stopped for something as trivial as clean pants! The pull ups make the job faster. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

Yes, I am having the same problem. I really don't know what to do. My 2 year old boy is doing exactly the same thing. We are setting the stage for potty training too. But my son is not always interested to see the poopy flush in the potty. My son runs away from me every time I tell him we have to change him. I am tried of running after him. Is there anyone with a solution to this problem.



answers from Minneapolis on

Our son fought diaper changes so we put on Baby Einstein while we changed him and that distracted him enough that we could get the job done!



answers from Minneapolis on

yes I went through this with my neices and my son, pretty much as soon as they turned two. I've noticed with little boys it takes longer to get them used to the potty, they are a little slower with things than girls, but I had my son potty trained by two and a half, so it can be done but it is frustrating. most moms I know in my area that have boys, they are not potty trained till about three years old. I think that is about the average age for little boys. don't give up



answers from Eau Claire on

Welcome to the world of a 2 year old! They all go thru this. I think its partially a power struggle, and partly because they don't want to stay still for so long. I believe that is why daycare starts changing them while they are standing up after they are about 18 months old.

I will at times have one of the older kids distract him, or I will use my legs to hold down his arms. (I'm not very coordinated, so I can't change him while he's standing up.)



answers from Minneapolis on

My son is only 11 months old and doing this. All I can say is I have become a pro at changing his diaper while he is standing up! It does make me think we will try potty training sooner rather than later!

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