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sleep......what Is That?

K.D. asks from Austin

my five week old son started off life sleeping three to four hours a night. and now it seems he is only sleeping an hour and a half to two hours at a time. also, hi...


Sleep Advice

P.R. asks from San Antonio

I have a beautiful newborn daughter, three weeks old, but we are having sleeping issues. The problem is this, my precious little girl can sleep on her own throughout...


Sleep Habits

M.O. asks from South Bend

ok i feel like im constantly asking questions. is this normal for a new mom:) lol ok what can i do or are there any books or websites to help get my little one in a s...


Teaching Sleep

D.G. asks from Chicago

I need to teach my two moth old daughter how to nap/sleep during the day. The dr told me at her two month visit "sleep is a learned behavior." She is up from 9-10 in...


How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need?

T.M. asks from Dallas

I have a 10 week baby girl and my pediatrician has always just called her one of those "fussy" babies. But, now I'm thinking it might just be related to not getting ...


My 2Monrth Old Deaughter Wont Sleep Alot

T.D. asks from Spokane

my 2 month old daughter wont sleep like a baby should. she crys and fussy all day most of the night utnil point of time then she will sleep and wake up again start al...


11 Week Old Just Won't Sleep on Her Back!

J.M. asks from New York

Hi Moms, My daughter is 11 weeks tomorrow. She is a very good baby, has some gas issues, but it has been getting better as the days pass. In the beginning she was...


Need Advice on How to Get My Daughter to Sleep Somewhere Other than My Bed :(

A.M. asks from Hickory

My daughter is 9 weeks old...from the time she came home from the hospital, she has refused to sleep in her bassinet or crib. My husband and I have tried every sleep ...


5-Month Old Won't Sleep More than 2 Hours in a Row

C.P. asks from Chicago

Hello Mamas - I desperately need your help. About a month ago, we transitioned my daughter from the bassinet to the crib. She had been waking up once or twice a nig...


5 Month Old Breastfed Baby, Sleep Issues, Formula and Miracle Blanket

K.C. asks from Boston

I think I may have a unique problem that is a combination of breastfeeding, swaddling, sleep, and sanity... My 5 month old daughter Isabella was never a great sle...