Sleep Schedule Changes: Zyrtec

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Sleep Issues with Allergy Medications

L.N. asks from Dallas

My 6 mo old was recently at the pediatrician and he wants her to take Zyrtec every day, I had her on it for about a week and she had sleep issues with it. Just wouldn...


Looking for the BEST Sleep Advice for a 10 Month Old Who Won't Sleep Through The

M. asks from Dallas

My 10 month old son is addicted to my breast as a pacifier and he has never slept through the night. There are so many different sleep methods, we are confused. Whi...


3 Year Old Sleep Habits

M.B. asks from New York

Ok, my oldest will be 3 next week and for the past few weeks she has not been sleeping thru the night AND getting up at 7-7:30am everyday! That may sound normal to mo...


Frequent Colds - Affecting Sleep and Eating

E.S. asks from Los Angeles

My one year old son (almost 13 months) has had a cold for the past 16 days. This is his fourth cold in less than four months and it is also his worst (at least two o...


11 Mth Son - Cycle of Congestion/ear Infections, Has Reflux, Doesn't Sleep Well

S.V. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone, I have a 11 month old son with a combination of issues. Most recently, he has been sick on and off with congestion and ear infections, accompanied b...


Allergy Medicine - Child's Reaction

M.C. asks from Chicago

Hi mamas, Has anyone given their child zyrtec (sp?) and was there any reaction to it? My almost 4 year old just saw his peditrician and he said he has very mild s...


Advice on Allergies and Asthma in 4 Year Old

D.G. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter will be 4 in July and we have had two trips to the ER since January due to coughing fits and once by ambulance because she stopped breathing (found out sh...



B.M. asks from Fayetteville

I have a boyfriend that I have been seeing for several months - 6 or so. We are thinking of moving in together - in my house. However since I have 4 cats and 2 dogs...


Baby Not Really Sleeping

C.M. asks from Austin

My 5 week old has a crazy sleep pattern. Some days she will not sleep all day or at night then she will go a day or two where all she will do is sleep and nothing I ...


10 Month Old Son with Occasional Congestion

J.B. asks from Tyler

I have a 10 mo son that started having RSV-like symptoms when he was 3 mo (January) and would go through a bad bout of them each month afterwards until he was 6 mo ol...