Time Change and Getting Back on Schedule

Updated on November 05, 2008
J.J. asks from Grover Beach, CA
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I am just requesting any advice on how to get my daughter back on schedule now that the time has changed. So far I have just switched our normal schedule to the new time and everything except for waking in the morning has followed suit. Even though I am putting her to bed at the usual time (time change time) she is waking in the morning at the old time (pre-time change time). This means that she is now waking at 6:15 am...which isn't terrible, but I would love for her to get back on schedule of waking at 7:15. Any advice??? Or will it just happen in time? Thank you in advance.

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I have a 22 mnonth old and an almost 3 yr old.We have schedules for everything. My suggestion is just treat it just like another day. Put them to bed at the same time-EX if they go to bed at 7pm pre time change-do it at 7pm time change now. They will adjust-it may take up until a week, but bare with it. EX-my daughter goes to bed 8:30 pm and usually wakes up betwenn 7-8am depends on the day. So yesterday she woke up at 6am-way too early, but they do not know. Now last night we put her to bed her usual time-8:30 pm even though we changed the clocks and today she woke at 7am. My son still did not adjust, but they will within a week.Hope this helps. L.:)

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I wish I knew! I'm in the same boat, only my daughter wakes up at 5:15!! I will follow this post for any advice you get!



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We're having the same issue with our 8 month old son. He was going to bed between 7 - 7:30 and yesterday it was 6:30. His naps are all over the place now and when he's tired, I want him to nap. But this is causing him to go down for nighttime sleep earlier (b/c his naps are early). Does this make sense? Anyway, I think the gal who suggested the 15 minute increment idea is pretty good. We're going to try it.
(I'll try to keep him up longer each day before his regularly scheduled nap which is between 11:30 - 12). Today he napped at 10:45 so we're inching closer.
Good luck. And sorry I have no new advice for you.



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We normally slowly adjust to the time change in 15min. increments (3 days for each increment) and that has been a moderate success over the past few years (my oldest is now 4 years old). However, this time, we started on Friday but just went right to the new schedule. My oldest did NOT adjust at all the first two days...she was up at 4:15!!!! However, today she woke-up at 6:15 (her normal is between 5:15 - 6:45)...so I was quite excited. Hopefully she continues.

I guess in short, there is no sure fire way to handle it...time change is the most evil thing imposed on parents of young children!!!! Good luck!

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