Sleep Schedule Changes: Luvs

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Need Help Geting My 3 Month Old to Sleep Through the Night

M.G. asks from Boston

my doc says that my little girl of three months should be sleeping through the night but she still wakes up at 4 am for her bottle. the doc told me to try to avoid gi...


Leaky Diapers

C.S. asks from Minneapolis

My 10 month old son has always worn diapers that are many sizes bigger than what are recommended for his age. I have had him in bigger diapers because the smaller on...


Leaking Diapers

M.R. asks from Dallas

My 22 month old has been waking up every night at 4 AM with a soaked diaper going through his Pj's and sheets. He has a hard time falling back to sleep. I have been u...


Leaking Through Diaper

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

The last 3 nights my daughter has been waking up at night because she is leaking through her diaper. She just turned 2 yrs old and we are in the process of potty trai...


10 Month old..........POOPING NIGHTMARE!!!

M.S. asks from Louisville

Ok, my baby girl still does not sleep through the night, so I change her diaper at least once or twice in the middle of the night. She is not sick, has not changed h...


Best Diapers for Baby Boy

H.B. asks from Gainesville

I have a healthy baby boy (9 months old) who wets my bed almost any night he sleeps with me.(Being the nights that I am too lazy to carry him to his own room.) Becaus...


1Yr Old Can't Fall Asleep Without Nursing

A.C. asks from Jackson

Hi, I am constantly having to nurse my 1yr old to get him to get him to sleep. Its like he doesnt know how to fall asleep on his own and is dependent on the nursing (...


Nighttime Diapers and Full Dipes!

T.M. asks from Phoenix

My son is 13 months old. the last few weeks he wakes up between 3-5a.m. with soaking wet clothes and sheets. We have started limiting his bedtime milk - but it doe...


Soaking Through Diapers

R.B. asks from Memphis

Okay, my 7 month old has just started soaking through his diaper at night. We moved from a Huggies 3 to a 4 and also started putting him in the "night time" diapers ...


Best Diapers for Nights?

K. asks from Madison

My 9mo. old son has recently been leaking through his size 4 diapers at night. He's 21 pounds and 30 inches, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't need the next size up, and...