Sleep Schedule Changes: Huggies

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Pull-up Huggies

C.C. asks from Miami

I'm trying to teach my two year old to go to the bathroom. Are pull-up Huggies a good idea for potty trainning or do they just confused the child? Also if you have...


How to Adjust Wakeup Time When We Change the Clocks

D.P. asks from Chicago

Hi All, I need advice. This weekend we are going to push the clocks back one hour. My son has an internal alarm that wakes him at 6:15 every morning. I have sta...


Is My Baby Ever Going to Sleep?

C.M. asks from Detroit

My daugther is four months old and has been in day care almost two months. We are on a pretty good schedule, but she still doesn't sleep like what all of the "experts...


Another Sleep Question

G.L. asks from San Francisco

My 18 mo. daughter has never really slept through the night and I'm starting to wonder if she ever will. I have been very resistant to letting her cry but have tried ...


Healthy Sleep Habits

A.L. asks from Philadelphia

Background: My daughter will be 8 months on May 25th and has not been sleeping well at all! When she was younger she got to a point where she just woke up once a nig...


Help I Need Sleep

K.S. asks from Charlotte

I have a 8 1/2 month old. I made the decision to co-sleep. I am a single mom and work full time and wanted to be close to him at night. My issue is not with the co-sl...


Need to Sleep!!!

T.R. asks from Harrisburg

My 2 1/2 year old daughter WAS and awesome sleeper up until a month ago. Bedtime was 7pm and she would wake at 7:30am with no interuptions. Now she wakes 2-3 times ...


4 Mo Old Consistantly Wakes at 4Am and Won't Sleep in Crib

C.K. asks from Chicago

My son is only 4mos old, but every moring he wakes up at 4am and we can't get him to go back to sleep in his crib. We end up bringing him into our room so we can get ...


Seeking Sleep After 19 Months!!!

D.M. asks from Huntsville

I have a 19 month old that has MAYBE slept through the night a TOTAL of 5 times! He wakes up 3-5 times a night crying for us. HELP!? Any suggestions?


Leaky Diapers

C.S. asks from Minneapolis

My 10 month old son has always worn diapers that are many sizes bigger than what are recommended for his age. I have had him in bigger diapers because the smaller on...