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My 4 Week Old Won't Sleep!

H.1. asks from Des Moines

Ladies, I need help! My 4 week old will not settle down for sleep easily at all. It always take a few hours at minimum of soothing to get her to be able to sleep. ...


Infant Sleep Advice

B.S. asks from Dallas

I have a sweet newborn. he is my second baby. The first had all kinds of difficulities the first 4-6 months of life so its all kind of a fog. now that he is 2 and ...


Restless 5 Month Old Doesn't Want to Sleep During Day

H.L. asks from Philadelphia

Dear Mamas, My LO is very restless during the day. He will stay up for hours 4 or 5 hours before napping even though he shows signs of being tired (watery eyes, r...


7Month Old Doesn't Sleep in Crib

E.S. asks from Cleveland

So my daughter is 7months old. And she used to take naps in her crib until she started falling asleep when I nursed her. Now she takes one nap in her swing and the re...


2 Month Old with Colic

B.V. asks from Chicago

My son just turned two months old and we have been trying everything to deal with his colic. You name it and we have tried it! My concern is that we are still sleep...


3 Month Old Baby Who Was Never Fussy Then the past Couple Weeks Is Starting

M.F. asks from Miami

I am a first time mom and a little paranoid about everything. They say you will know when something isn't right, but I feel that way about every little thing. When I ...


6 Week Old High-Need Baby

R.R. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 6 weeks old and wants to be held all the time, we have tried a bouncer, a swing and even the stroller but does not like to be in these places; he will cry e...


CIO For Naps, but Not for Night Time

G.M. asks from Boston

OK moms. Need some reassurance here. I have a 14 week old who is a horrible napper. We either co-sleep with her at night or she is in a bassinet in our room. I hav...


Getting Out with Two Children

V.M. asks from Norfolk

I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old and am having a hard time getting out of the house. When it was just my two year old I would do activities and go places but I ...


Need Help Loving My Daughter

A.T. asks from Provo

Hello wise mothers, my husband and I are having a problem. We have 8 month old boy/girl twins who are very different in their personalities. Our son is easy going, pa...