Sleep Schedule Changes: Maalox

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Newborns and Feeding Schedule

A.F. asks from New York

My daughter is seven weeks coming up and I am trying to figure out how to put her on a feeding schedule. She is formula-fed and has a milk-protein allergy so she is o...


Reflux, Cereal, Constipation, Sleep and Twins...warning: a Little Long!

M.M. asks from San Diego

My 4 1/2 mo old twins were just diagnosed with reflux. The Dr recommended we start them on rice cereal 2/day to help (among other things). It has seemed to help Mic...


11 Mth Son - Cycle of Congestion/ear Infections, Has Reflux, Doesn't Sleep Well

S.V. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone, I have a 11 month old son with a combination of issues. Most recently, he has been sick on and off with congestion and ear infections, accompanied b...


Help! Screaming Baby! What to Eat When Nursing?

K.S. asks from Norfolk

I'm dyin' here! My six-week-old is on Zantac for reflux, but she still cries...and cries and cries. For up to an hour and a half (usually right after I feed her.)...


Acid Reflux in Infant

M.Q. asks from New York

Hello everyone. I am writing to get as much feed back on acid reflux in infants as I can. My daughter started spitting up when she was 2 weeks old i was breastfeeding...


Hand, Foot, and Mouth Virus

K.D. asks from Sacramento

My daughter was diagnosed with this flu and is having trouble eating - mainly not interested. Also, she refuses to sleep in her crib now, only wants to sleep while be...


Is It Colic?

J.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms, a few weeks ago, my 10 week old baby girl started having weird crying episodes. She would start crying uncontrolably mid-feeding *i am breastfeeding only...


Evening Feeding Out of Control......

J.B. asks from Orlando

So I am about to lose it...My daughter Emma is almost 2 months old, we have started maintaining a routine for a couple of weeks now. However she is about to drive me...


How to Increase Naps?

H.V. asks from Syracuse

Hi moms, My 4-month-old son doesn't nap nearly enough. At times he won't sleep at all during the days, no matter what we do. In the past two weeks, with a LOT of c...


Colicy Baby

J.E. asks from Salt Lake City

My nephew is about 3 months and he is constantly crying. The Doc says it's colic. We have tried everything out there on the market to help him to no avail. Does an...