Sleep Schedule Changes: Miracle Blanket

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5 Month Old Breastfed Baby, Sleep Issues, Formula and Miracle Blanket

K.C. asks from Boston

I think I may have a unique problem that is a combination of breastfeeding, swaddling, sleep, and sanity... My 5 month old daughter Isabella was never a great sle...


Getting My 10 Week Old on a Sleep Schedule

D.N. asks from New York

Hello! I have a 2 1/2 month old boy who I am trying to get on a better sleep schedule. He takes a 2 hr nap at 10am (wakes at 8:30). Then he takes 2 cat naps (around...



P.M. asks from Boston

I am in the process of trying to get my daughter to sleep on her own. And need some tips. I have tried putting on soft music and putting her to bed drowsy or even asl...


Sleep Issues - 4 Month Old

M.C. asks from Chicago

My daughter started sleeping through the night (usually from about 8 pm to 6am) at around 8 weeks when we started using the miracle blanket. For the past 1.5-2 weeks ...


Newborn Sleep

E.E. asks from Omaha

Okay so I have a baby who is a week and a half old. I know I should not expect too much from him as far as sleep goes but I would appreciate a little advice. The li...


Sleep Habits

M.O. asks from South Bend

ok i feel like im constantly asking questions. is this normal for a new mom:) lol ok what can i do or are there any books or websites to help get my little one in a s...


My Infant Does Not Sleep

M.S. asks from Orlando

My baby is 5 months old and has yet to sleep through the night. She wakes up to eat every two hours still. She throws anything up that is not breast milk and she now ...


Teaching Sleep

D.G. asks from Chicago

I need to teach my two moth old daughter how to nap/sleep during the day. The dr told me at her two month visit "sleep is a learned behavior." She is up from 9-10 in...


Won't Sleep in Crib

J.W. asks from Philadelphia

My 12 week old daughter got in the habit of sleeping in her car seat/bouncy seat/swing to help treat acid reflux without medicating her. Now she won't sleep in her c...


Better Sleep for a Newborn

S.M. asks from Cincinnati

This is just a curiosity question.. I would like to know some tips or what you did to get a newborn on a good sleep schedule. I have a 7 week old and I don't think he...