Shaving: Luv

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Age for Shaving Bikini Line

S.K. asks from Houston

My 12 yo daughter needs to shave her bikini line to wear her swimsuit. At what age did any of your daughters start to shave. Does anyone use or have tried the "Smoo...


How Long Has Hubby/SO Had Their Haircut Style?

S.!. asks from Los Angeles

My hubby and I were sitting this am having a cup of coffee (something we rarely get to do on a weekday) and I looked at him and a picture of us from 10 years ago on t...


Husband's 40Th B'day - Need Ideas for Gifts

B.L. asks from Atlanta

My husband will be 40 soon. I would like some ideas for gifts. We are 1st time parents. Not only would I like some ideas for gifts from me, but I would also like s...


My Son Won't Sleep Without Me

K.W. asks from Boston

I have a son who is 2 1/2 and he will not stay asleep without me. He can only fall asleep if I am lying down with him. I made the mistake of sleeping with him when he...


How to Treat Potty Training Carpet Stains

B.B. asks from San Angelo

My 2yr-old daughter is potty training, and she of course has had accidents on the carpet. Can anyone recommend a good all-in-one product that will disinfect, remove o...


Advice About Rash

K.J. asks from Boston

I have an 11 month old girl. We have been very lucky with diaper rashes up until this point. The only time we see anything it is just a couple of bumps if she has sat...