Shaving Baby's Head?

Updated on November 19, 2012
M.B. asks from Clearwater, FL
8 answers

I was asked by a lady the other day while waiting for my son at school about shaving my daughters head...she said she did it to her daughters and I've seen a few baby girls with this I missing something?! Why would someone shave their baby's hair? My daughter already has pretty long and thick blonde hair so no I won't be shaving it! I was just courious thanks!

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answers from El Paso on

The people that I know who did this did it to give the hair a "fresh start." Basically, something to do with the baby's hair looking really bad or really patchy, so they just shaved it all off and "started fresh." I always thought it was silly since all the baby hair falls out anyway, but to each their own!

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answers from Dallas on

I find it's mostly a cultural thing. Certain cultures do this, thinking the hair will grow back better.

Mostly, I think it's nuts.

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answers from St. Louis on

I have heard of it but like the its going to fall out line I just chalk it up to the wisdom of moms of bald babies.

Oh, the fall out thing, every now and then I would have some really mean person come up to me with this tone and say ya know all their hair is going to fail out!!! After hearing it enough times I started asking were all your babies bald?

Oh the idea of it is that old wives tail that once you shave your legs it comes in thicker so shave their head..... Yeah like shaving creates more hair follicles.
Yeah the thing ChristyLee is talking about there really is baby hair and regular hair. My younger son was born with dark brown hair. As the baby hair fell out he had blond hair. After all the hair fall out comments I actually freaked until I realized there was plenty of hair there, it just wasn't brown.

All my kids were born with really curly hair, their childhood hair was mostly straight and then when they were teens it went back to curly. Hair is fun!

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answers from Columbia on

I've never heard of anything like that. Odd.

I have heard of people shaving their boys' heads only to have the hair grow back in a completely different texture...curly when it used to be straight, or vice a versa. I wonder if it's something like that?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I know this is traditonal in some cultures. But not mine, and I did not shave my babies heads.

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answers from Houston on

I'm a hairstylist. People wrongly assume shaving their hair will make it grow back thicker and more beautiful. It makes it grow back out a little more evenly, since newborn hair is often patchy, which has the appearance of being fuller. Do not shave your precious baby girls head :) I can see someone maybe trimming some of those long crazy hairs to be more even with the other hairs, but shaving it is just silly.

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answers from Boca Raton on

It`s a tradition in some cultures...


answers from Norfolk on

If a babys hair is all whispy and in patches, I guess shaving it might help to even that out.
I never knew anyone who did it.
My son was born with thick dark hair over an inch long.
I was told it would all fall out - but it never happened all at once.
It gradually shed as new hair came in (the new hair was the same but not quite as fine) - but he was never bald - he's always had a thick head of hair.

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