How Long Has Hubby/SO Had Their Haircut Style?

Updated on July 01, 2011
S.!. asks from Boulder, CO
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My hubby and I were sitting this am having a cup of coffee (something we rarely get to do on a weekday) and I looked at him and a picture of us from 10 years ago on the wall right behind him and realized he has the same hair style from the day I met him. Wow.... We met at 17 and I am sure he had the haircut for a while before that. So I would guess he has had this style for at least 16 years now.

What about your hubby... do they change their styles/cut at all or have they been rockin the same do for years? hehehe

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answers from Pittsburgh on

High and tight. Marine Corps style....forever. Just less of it now! LOL

When I see pics of him pre-military days, I cannot imagine he EVER wore that much hair! But it was the 70's...

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answers from Albany on

Well, we met when he was 26, he's 55 now and if he HAD any hair left, I believe it WOULD be the same hairstyle, yes. Men's regular.


I should add, I was 16, and if I COULD I'd likely be wearing the SAME jeans I wore then, too! :(

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answers from St. Louis on

Be happy yours still has hair. =)

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answers from Cleveland on

Oh my poor hubby. lol

When he was a teenager he had hair down to the middle of his back, really full and curly.
When we was about 21 he started going bald :(
Poor guy lol

So for the last 10years or more he's been shaving his head. Thankfully he looks great bald.
Its really funny, He has no hair on his head but has a massive beard. (i love LOVE his beard) My son said to him once (he's 2) "Daddy why is your face upside down? You gotz not hairs on the top of your head." I almost peed my pants.

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answers from Richmond on

My guy has shaved his head for as long as I've known him... except for a brief period when our son was born, he tried growing it out, was reminded at how crazy curly his hair is (and that he's starting to thin out in the back), and promptly shaved it again. He's been shaving his head for DECADES ;)

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answers from Jacksonville on

Mine is still rocking the same do. Let's see we met at 19 and are both 31 now. 12 years now, so what, that's like 50 years in girl hair time right?

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answers from Philadelphia on

All his life. Its just a classic short cut. A little shorter now than it used to be, but pretty much the same. Still looks great on him!

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answers from Dallas on

My hubby and I met in 2002 and has been shaving his head longer than i have know him. He grew out for 2 months a few years ago for a cruise and it was still only about 1 1/2 inches long. I have seen pictures of him when he was younger and had hair. He was a hottie then and is still a hottie!!!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I've known my husband for 8 years and he's had basically the same hair cut the whole time. He keeps it very short on the sides and back and a little longer on top (fade). Sometimes he'll let it get a little longer or cut it a little shorter- so I guess there is a little variation. I like it short- I'm not a fan of men with long hair!

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answers from Dallas on

I met my husband 13 yrs ago and he still has the same head! He uses a" 0" clipper all over so he's got pretty much a shaved head. Not que ball but close and I luv it! I don't like hair to run my fingers through! The closer shaved. The better!

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

@ least 14 years...go Army :-)

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answers from Seattle on

When I met my husband he had long gorgeous black hair almost down to his butt. As the years went on he would cut it to right above his shoulders and donate his hair to Locks of Love and then let his hair grow out again. He did that for about 5 years. About a year ago he cut his hair really really short, almost army short, and has kept that style. It looks much better on him.

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answers from Washington DC on

If my hubby had his way - he's still look like he had a helmet on his head!! URGH!!! I had him go to a flat top in 1996 and it's been that way ever since...he's added a beard during the winter and a goatee in the spring/summer....

his hair is SOOOOOO fine that if he let it grow out - it would look hideous (sorry hubby I love you but it's the truth) he keeps it military tight! LOVE IT!!

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answers from St. Louis on

Troy has had the same haircut since I met him.

My ex has had the Blago helmet hair since I met him which was 25 years ago.

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answers from Rochester on

The same for about 13 years. Before I met him he was sporting long hair....didn't do too well for him so I am fine with the neat, short hair cut.

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answers from Jacksonville on

We've been together 11 years and he has gone from long to short and back again 3 times. He will grow it out long (I LOVE long hair) and then decide he wants a change and cut it off. This last time he cut it short it was because he wanted a new job and felt the long ponytail would hinder him. Now he sports the short do at work but puts it in a mohawk on his own time. I used to think the world would end if he cut off his hair but after this last time I'm thinking I like it short. We are getting a little older and I think it makes him look sophisticated but still edgy.

He will fully admit he cares about his hair more than most people. It is def the part of him he uses to express his personality through his looks.

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answers from Honolulu on

When I met my Husband, he had gorgeous long hair, and looked like Antonia Banderas.
Then we got married.
Then his hair started getting thin. Then more bald.
Now, his hair is buzzed real short.
But he still looks good.
He's the type that will look good in any hair-cut.

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answers from Washington DC on

When I met my hubby he had a rat tail down his back. THe front was curly and he blew dry it every day to get the "wave".
He then enlisted into the Marines, so he has had a High and Tight for 21 years and now doesn't like his hair any other way, even though he's retired.
When he tries to grow it out I think he looks funny, I tease him and say he's "lookin' mighty Air Force"

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answers from Las Vegas on

Yep, hubby has changed a lot! We met in 2000 and he had long hair down to almost the middle of his back and wore it in a pony tail. His mom loved his hair short so when she died in 2006 he cut it off in memory of her and cremated it with her. Since then his hair has been a few different styles and lengthes, but never long like it was before. His hair is a bit wavy so I do like it on the longer side, kinda surferish. It's HOT here in Vegas so sometimes he'll go pretty short for summer.

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