Shaving Adnoids down and Tubes

Updated on May 14, 2008
H.B. asks from Arlington, TN
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My three year old has not had many ear infections but keeps fluid on his ears. He is speech delayed. He was in therapy from age 1 to 3. The ENT wants to shave down his adnoids and put tubes in. I have never heard of shaving down the adnoids. Does anyone know anything about this?

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So What Happened?

My son had his adnoids removed and tubes put in his ears on Wed. All is well. I did have the doctor check for a cleft and a soft pallate first before removing the adnoids. He says if you just shave them that they can grow back. My sons were very large.

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answers from Knoxville on

Hi H.,

Yes, my 2 year old had this done last year. She had tubes put in the year before and then had her adenoids shrunk down and tubes put in again-no problems since then. Good luck.

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answers from Raleigh on

My son had his removed when they put tubes in his ear, I have not heard of shaving before either. I did a search on the web which explains it a little better. So I suggest doing that for your answers.

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answers from Nashville on

My son had adenoids removed at 4 but i've never heard of "shaved" either. When he had tonsils removed at 6 the ENT scraped the adenoid area to make sure they had not grown back.

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answers from Louisville on

My daughter's ENT suggested taking out some of her adnoids at the age of 2 1/2 while he would be replacing her tubes. Since she has allergies and often has a running nose, I thought it was a good idea. I think she speaks well for her age. We have had no problems, however I didn't know any dangers like those mentioned in another response. If I did, I would have had them actually look at the adnoids. Luckly I think we are OK. Why not just do the tubes for now and then adnoids later if necessary? The procedure is short and the recovery is quick. Good Luck

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answers from Nashville on

My son had this done at 15 months and what a difference. No more ear infections! and his speech really picked up. I do recommend it because if your son has fluid on his ears its like hearing under water! Kind of hard to do!

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answers from Chattanooga on

Hi! My son had his adnoids removed and tubes in his ears in 2006 when he was 1 1/2. He did great with it, and his speech improved SO much b/c he wasn't repeating all the muffled sounds he heard anymore. Well, I found out this past Wednesday that he's gonna have to get his tonsils taken out, tubes removed THEN replaced, and they mentioned "shaving" the adnoids. I corrected them and said that he had already had them removed 2 years ago. They told me that adnoids grow back! I did not know that. It is such a minor procedure that I was like, "Ok, I guess you may as well do it all while you've got him under anesthesia." I'm worried more about his tonsils being taken out than the other stuff, so your son having just the 2 procedures done should go fine, and improve his speech also. Good Luck & May God Bless!



answers from Huntington on

my son will be 3 in June and he had his adnoids and tubes in Dec. he also had the fluid on his ears & cronic sinius infections.Let me tell you he is talking so much more and saying things alot plainer if i where you i would go for it as far as pain went with my son he needed nothing more the over the counter Tylenol.Lets us know what you decide and how things go.



answers from Raleigh on

I have not heard of shaving down the adenoids. But my kids are teenagers now and when they were little they tended to remove the adenoids when they put in the second set of tubes.

My daughter had her first set of tubes inserted at 18 months due to excess fluid and constant ear infections. When she continued to have constant ear infections I became very disillusioned. One of the tubes fell out within a couple of months and the ENT was ready to put in another tube and remove her adenoids.

That's when I read Dr. Weil's "Spontaneous Healing" and found the answer for us. We cut way back on dairy and had cranial osteopathy done. My daughter would lay there, not even feeling the therapy on her cranium, and I would read books to her - pop-ups were a favorite. Anyway it worked and she never had another set of tubes and her adenoids are intact. This was when we lived in Oklahoma, so I cannot recommend the same doctor to you, unfortunately.

I found ours through . If there is not a doctor nearby trained in CO, then CranioSacral Therapy is another option and very similar. Here's where you can find someone trained in this - .

Good luck in whatever you decide to do.



answers from Jacksonville on

Yes, My daughter had hers done. They were not so large that they needed to be removed, but large enough that shaving them down would help her airway at night.



answers from Nashville on's basically removal of the adnoids just like they would do with tonsils. When I had my tonsils and adnoids removed at the age of 23, I didn't have big adnoids but he shaved down what was there there. You can't really "remove them" so they shave them down! It's very common and they get over it very easily.

I'm actually about to take my son to the ENT to have his tonsils and adnoids done. I do believe it is hindering his speech. He is also 3 years old.



answers from Nashville on

I have never heard of shaving them down but no matter what they do, please make sure it gets taken care of. I just found out that my 10 yr old has a tumor behind his left ear drum from ear infections when he was a toddler. Our doctor didnt believe in tubes so we are now dealing with this. Just wanted to make you aware that it can lead to serious things if not treated. Good luck!



answers from Nashville on

My nephew, who is now 4, was 3 when he had his adnoids completely removed. The fluid that was around his ears was making him hard of hearing therefore his speech was delayed. It was a simple operation, he went home the same day, and was on a simple liquid diet for a few days. He is fine now and his speech has started to clear up.
Hope this helps a little

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