How Old to Start Shaving Legs

Updated on June 11, 2012
C.B. asks from Fernley, NV
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Hello all.
my daughter is going to be 10 in August and she has expressed an interest in shaving her legs. i just wonder when you started allowing your daughters to start shaving.
thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

thank you so much for all the responses. looks like its time...i will try and not cry. lol.
thanks again. i am really starting to enjoy this sight, such great help.

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answers from Washington DC on

When she's old enough to be self conscious about leg hair, she's old enough to shave.

I'd get her an electric razor so she doesn't cut herself and doesn't need to learn to balance in the shower just yet, and let her do it.

I have a son, so don't have this issue on my immediate horizon, but he'll shave his face when he starts growing facial hair... I mean I wouldn't make him grow a beard while he waited for some arbitrary age cut off for shaving... so... why wouldn't I let a daughter shave her legs if she's getting toward puberty as well?


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answers from Huntsville on

I believe if she is expressing an interest and that she has noticeable hair on her legs that is bothering her, then now is the time! :)

Or she can wear pants all the time, like me! ha! I'm lazy and get cold easily :)

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answers from San Francisco on

I let my girls do it when they felt they wanted/needed to. One was ten, the other twelve.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

If shes old enough to ask, shes old enough to shave. Other girls may be talking about it, or teasing. Its just hair and the way razors are now you dint have to worry about her cutting herself. Dont cry the first time she does it either, lol, my mom did that and I never wanted her around after that when I was doing anything new and grown up. Might be a good time to talk to her about hygeine in general, deodorant and such, face washing so you dont breakout. Maybe after she shaves, you 2 could go out and get pedicures together, she would probably enjoy that a lot.

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answers from Los Angeles on

When my daughter asks (she's now 7), I will buy her an electric razor. I don't think there is any wrong or right age, it's when they themselves are ready. ESPECIALLY if they are being teased about it.

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answers from Washington DC on

it was 6th grade....when they had to start changing for gym class. and then it wasnt even regular, i had to keep reminding them how hair grows back...they hate it already and they got many years of shaving to go.;)

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answers from Chicago on

I think I started when I was 8. More just because I wanted to be grown up. :)

I think when they are old enough to become self consious about it, then it's time.
But honestly, this is one that I just don't care about. If I felt safe giving my 2 yr old a razor, she could shave away!

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answers from Dallas on

The time to start is when your child hopefully comes to you and asks. They ask because they feel self conscious and the last thing you want is for it to effect their self esteem.

So many moms are dead set on a special date time for shaving and I don't understand it because everyone is different. Most of the time, the moms who forbid it are the ones with the daughter's going behid their back to learn how to do it on their own.

I read your SWH and yes it is tough to let go but we have to do it. Just keep your lines of communication wide open with your children.

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answers from Seattle on

It sounds as if she's ready if she's expressing an interest. My daughter is only 8 so right now she doesn't care. I started shaving at about 12 but I'm also blonde so the hair wasn't as bothersome to me til I hit junior high.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter is 10 and she is shaving her legs occasionally. She didn't ask, she just picked up her dad's razor and did it. I did not make a deal about it at all. She does have visible dark hair on her legs and I wasn't surprised she just took matters into her own hands! I've bought a razor for her now and we've talked about how to use shaving cream and lotion to take care of her skin.

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answers from Philadelphia on

i did at 13, but i think there shouldnt be an age to start and J. do so when necessary. if my daughter is blessed with the hairiness of her father she will start before i had to!

i actually was shaving a lot longer. i would soap up and "pretend to shave" and i thought my mom took all of the razor blades out, so at times i was accidentally shaving my arms and legs=)

My mom took M. in the bathroom put the tub water on, we sat on the side and shaved together and talked, worked for M.=)

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answers from Kansas City on

If your daughter feels worried about it I would let her do it but I remember my mother having a fit and telling me 'no' and a friend came over who was a year older and showed me how to shave and I did. My mother had a fit and I don't see why. I had light hair but you could see it and I felt better but now....boy do I wish I never begged to do that as I hate it, as with many things in life. I was 11 years old. Razors now days are much safer than in my day too so that helps.

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answers from San Diego on

I don't have a daughter but I remember shaving my legs for the first time when I was 10. I lived in a dorm and asked the dorm Mom to help me. When I went home for the weekend, my Mom was so sad and tried to discourage me by telling me I'd have to do it for the rest of my life. That sounded so grown up to me;)

Anywho, 10 years old was when I started and I'm sure it's because other girls were doing it too (not that that's a good reason, but you know).



answers from Chicago on

I started around 10 too, but secretly, and ended up with a TON of razor burn my first few times. Wish my mom would have just shown me how to do it properly :)



answers from Miami on

Personally, I believe 10 is too young. My oldest is 12 and I had initially told her she could shave her legs when she spouted hair under her armpits but she came to me about a month ago telling me how embarrassed she is by her hairy legs and would I re-consider my stand on when she could shave. I agreed to let her do it at age 12. My 9 yr old has hairy legs but I won't let her shave them. Too young, too irresponsible and personally, I think allowing them to do it too young gives them the impression that they are "older" than they are, entitling them to things they are too young to be entitled to.


answers from Columbia on

Is there noticable hair on her legs to shave?

I would say to Nair it until she hits puberty. Since it likely grows very slowly right now.

Then get her the Schick razor with the wires over the blades to protect her from getting cut. I still use it. :-)



answers from Colorado Springs on

If my daughter were taking the initiative in asking, if she had a concern about the hair on her legs, I would go ahead and show her how to do it. Everybody knows that shaving is a chore, but if she's starting to be embarrassed by her appearance she can take on that chore. Discuss the various ways of doing the job, and get her started with whatever will work best for her right now.



answers from Baton Rouge on

The time for a girl to start shaving is when her body hair bothers her, whether that's nine or never.

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