Shaving for a 10Yr Old Girl

Updated on September 30, 2010
F.B. asks from Mechanicsburg, PA
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My 10 yr old daughter has started shaving her legs. She is now noticing the hair on her lip. What are the best products to use on facial hair for a 10 yr old.

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answers from Washington DC on

i wouldn't use nair on her face. I know a guy that tried it on his beard ... don't ask... and ended up with sores on his face.

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answers from Provo on

One option that I didn't see is to just use tweezers on her face. It will be uncomfortable for the first few times. And she can do it herself. I use tweezers because it is easier to blend. When you wax( which I have done) you have fuzz hair on your face and then none around your lips. I think it looks funny. But with tweezers you can just get the really dark ones or long ones and leave the bloodies. But if she has really dark hair, it might be easier to just wax. just another idea..
Good luck

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answers from St. Cloud on

Waxing or sugaring is the best thing for the lip.

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answers from New York on

Wax is the way to go. I'm sure it's very fine but if it embarrasses her and makes her feel bad about herself - then she should be able to do it.

And it's not true that waxing/shaving/Nair causes more hair to grow. If it did - every man on earth would be shaving and Nairing their head to get hair to grow. It's a myth. Shaving suts the hair at an angle making it feel thick but it's no thinker than before.

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answers from Jacksonville on

she will grow out of it... shes only 10.



answers from Allentown on

I do have to say that I am a little shocked we are talking about a 10 year old here. I have an 11 year old and I would not even think about letting her shave or anything yet. But I'm definitely not judging here.

I would recommend waxing when your daughter is older. I wax now but I think it is a thing you really need to keep up with and it is painful for a child to go through. I would recommend for you to use a facial bleach on your daughter. I remember being very embarassed when I was younger and mine wasn't even that bad. You know how kids are!

But I think that is the best choice. As long as YOU are the one doing it.



answers from Seattle on

Personally, I spend the $7 every 2 months to get it waxed. But if it's really FINE hair, bleach works great. Mine was fine until my son was born. Then, not so much.



answers from Charlotte on



answers from Oklahoma City on

i've always used nair, but i wouldn't do that on anyone younger than 15 or 16



answers from Philadelphia on

I may be old fashioned, but I feel like 10 is too young for waxing or bleaching facial hair. It's like photoshopping school pictures - why "correct" the naturalness of a child? I understand that she may feel self conscious, but I think a better route is teaching children to embrace their differences, their natural beauty, and to be able to stand up to people teasing them. It is part of life, and a good character builder. It really is a microcosm of our society, where what's on the outside seems to count more than what's on the inside. I was teased for various things growing up, and I was the last one of my friends to be allowed to shave my legs. But I'm telling you it made me stronger, and makes me appreciate my beauty even more now. Good luck w/ your daughter!!



answers from Philadelphia on

F. B. Dont let her touch her lip...I would not have let her do her legs yet either. She may lose some of that hair as she goes through puberty. Now that she started shaving she will have to continue but if she would have waited she could have saved herself a couple of years of shaving. Once you start doing the lip you will always have to do it. Let it go for now she may never have to do it. Good luck


answers from Allentown on

H, F.:

It would probably be good for her to have the hair waxed by a professional.
Good luck.



answers from Nashville on

Please tell her to leave her facial hair, if you use Nair it will produce more hair, know from personal experience.

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