Itchi Legs After Shaving

Updated on February 08, 2012
A.M. asks from San Leandro, CA
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So ever since i started shaving my legs,, they get soo itchi after and it drives me really crazy because i scratch so bad that i already have bruises on my legs and i cant wear dresses or shorts.. i have no idea why this happens to me i dont know anybody who also has this problem.. does anybody know of a good lotion or remedy for this& for the bruises to dissapear,, thank you so much in advance

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answers from San Francisco on

My legs used to get really dry, flaky and itchy after shaving until I started using a shave gel instead of soap of shave cream. Also, I put lotion on them IMMEDIATELY after shaving. That seems to work.

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answers from Dallas on

I have used Luberderm Lotion on my legs before. It's been a while but it worked for me.

Good luck and God Bless!



answers from Los Angeles on

eek..make sure you're using sharp razor blades and a good shaving gel. also, be sure to moisturize with a rich lotion like cetaphil cream. if you're still having problems, maybe you're allergic to something you're using??



answers from San Francisco on

Sounds like you may have a case of eczma that may have just started. You may have to purchase items to treat the eczma or sensitive skin lotions. Also, be careful with razors. Some of the cheap-ies ruin your skin.



answers from Chicago on

I get that regardless of the type of razor--in the shower with a blade or my cordless one. It drives me nuts and only seems to be in the front where it would really be noticed. I use Cetaphil cream because it is nice and thick. It usually takes care of it but sometimes....I have to use cortizone also.


answers from Rockford on

I've had this same thing happen...and got bruises from itching. You are allergic to a product you are using...what do you shave with? Gel? Cream? Try changing what you use and after a few shaves, it should help. It might help to use unscented and dye free, I've gotten older, I have had to start using dye free unscented laundry stuf...I HATE it since I LOVE that foofy scent! But no scented laundry is way better than itching all the time!

Anyway, try changing one of the skin products you are using and make sure you have a fresh razor too! (I use a mens razor!) Good luck!



answers from Jacksonville on

Maybe it's your razor or the water where you live?? I use Bic solla and I lotion up really good after shaving too. My fav right now is Dial Nutraskin with the pinkish label.



answers from San Francisco on

I have pretty sensitive skin, and have been through the same thing. I used to wake up with my legs bleeding from scratching so much - ick! I tried different things, but eventually settled on using a hair-removal shaver. I had been using Epilady for about 12 years, then recently bought an Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator that I like a lot. You have to get used to using an epilator (because it pulls the hair out from the root), but it gets easier after a couple of uses. Plus, since the hair comes out from the root, you only need to shave every few weeks. It's probably not for everyone, but it may be worth a try. My legs don't itch at all since I stopped using a razor. Good luck!



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answers from San Francisco on

I used to have this problem too. I tried switching shaving cream/gel, always using a new razor, applying aloe vera gel and THEN cream right after shaving. The last suggestion helped the most, but it wasn't perfect. I have been waxing my own legs for years now and that seems to work pretty well most of the time.
I also recommend Curel anti-itch lotion. It works well, especially if you use it regularly.

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