Shaving Your Legs

Updated on November 08, 2011
K.R. asks from Dallas, TX
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How often do you ladies shave your legs? I just shaved mine last night for the first time in...let's just say too long. I've never been big on shaving legs, it just doesn't bother me. I do always shave my legs when I wear skirts or shorts but I wear pants mostly because of my job. Another reason is I get razor burn ALOT. I can use an awesome 5 blade razor maybe 2 or 3 times before I start getting razor burn with it. -- I usually get a new razor, then shave a few times then after the razor burn comes I stop, hence my leg hairs get long-- . I have started using this cocunut based soap that really really helps so that extends my usage to 5-6 times.

I do shave my underarms every day, I can't be having hairy underarms (an no razor burn there... weird I know)

What about you? Do you have to shave everyday?

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So What Happened?

I think I should start shaving more to stop the annoying itch/razor burn. I love everyone's suggestions. I really want to try that Aveeno Shave Gel, I didn't know they had shaving cream and their products work wonders on my skin type.

Also, thank you to those ladies who are not avid leg-shavers, so glad to know there are more of you out there! hehe

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answers from San Francisco on

Everyday. I love the feel of smooth legs...and so does my hubby. I use shaving cream and it makes them sooooo soft.

Good luck and best wishes!

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answers from Tyler on

You don't say how old you are, so I'll give you the perspective of someone over 60. The older you get the less often you will have to shave. I had very hairy legs as a child, so I began shaving by age 12. My daughter started shaving when she was 8. I had to shave everyday from my 20s to my late 40s. Then at least every other day. Eventually I noticed the hair getting thinner and thinner. Now I shave about once a week or less. Like you, I wear pants a lot and can get by with shaving once every 2 weeks. I do use a good shaving gel to prevent irritation, and I don't sleep with a man anymore. We have separate rooms. Life is good.


answers from Dallas on

I get very itchy after shaving also, and I unusually only shave if I have to for skirts or shorts etc... but I found that the more I shave the less I get a rash. but I have found that if I use Aveno Shave Gel I don't get the rash. takes more effort but it does help A LOT! Aveno has one for sensitive skin

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answers from Provo on

I have noticed that the more often I shave, the less I get razor burn. Maybe the skin just gets used to it? I shave every time I shower. I wear skirts often enough that I don't want to have to worry about it, and my DH prefers it when my legs won't scratch him to death. :)

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answers from San Diego on

I shave every day unless I somehow don't get a shower that day.
I hate having hair on my legs, armpits or bikini line. Just drives me nuts!
I use plain od Ivory soap and water in the shower and rarely have problems with it. While the hair is blonde it's a lot of it and it's noticable and itchy and generally annoying.
I could not imagine not shaving everyday!

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answers from Albuquerque on

Wow! I feel like a jungle woman compared to most of these ladies! I shave when the hair gets long enough that it itches... (Now that it's cold, I wear pants pretty much 24/7--yes, even to sleep--so I don't usually notice the itching.) That means I'll shave maybe 2 times a month! Ha! And I have very dark hair! Hubby doesn't seem to care... although it is funny when my girl notices and points out all of the hairs ("mama! you have hairs on your legs!!")!
Pits, on the other hand, need to be shaved at least every other day (usually every day)!


answers from Chicago on

usually 1x/week.
I do reach a point where I'm bothered by how long the hair is, so it's either 1/x or when I notice that I need to.



answers from Raleigh on

I don't shave but once a week- on Sunday night- like clockwork. One of the best things about being a natural blonde is invisible leg hairs! I do shave the pits about 2xweek.
The best razors hands down are the schick slim twin (for sensitive skin). Way better than the women's razors, and even my husband loves them. If you have course body hair, you can only use a razors once or twice, and then throw it away. If you use more than once, the blade gets dull and then you get MAD razor burn. I finally drilled this into my husband's head, and since he stopped reusing razors, he never gets razor burn. Get cheaper razors that you love and cut down on usage. My rule is use once (legs and pits) or twice (pits only). Hope this helps!



answers from Lincoln on

I'm with you!!! I shaved my legs today b/c I was starting to look like I'd been lost on an island or something!!! I do it more in summer, but in winter I forget the razor. Also, like you, I do my underarms daily. Part of the reason I even shaved today is b/c it's nice and I plan going biking in capris. :-) I have so much stuff to worry about if nobody is going to see my legs I don't care! :-)



answers from Chicago on

I can't stand the stubby feeling...ewwwww....I shave just about every day....



answers from Dallas on

I would just invest in a ladies electric razor. I will sit at my desk, surf & shave at the same time :)



answers from Seattle on

I "need" to shave twice a day if I want sexy smooth legs (brunette with a *lot* of hair).

The thing is... unless I'm wearing shorts or a skirt... I just don't care that much lately about having sexy smooth legs. This past year... I have no schedule whatsoever (not sleeping with my husband). So I shave for shorts or whenever I happen to feel like it.

I miss having the money for waxing. Only needing to mess with my legs every other month! And having sexy smooth legs for 7 weeks? Miss it.



answers from Dallas on

I haven't shaved my legs in over 15 years! I used to have very hairy legs and had to shave them every day if I was going to wear shorts or a bathing suit. Years ago, a friend waxed my legs for me a couple of times (kinda painfull) and I was never that happy with the effects. It didn't seem to get all of the hair and I would have a rash for a few days. I never paid to have it done, so it might be better at a salon. But the hair that grew back afterwards was lighter and softer. So I bought and started using an Epilady - which also pulls the hair out by the roots. It was a little painful at first, but I never got the rash. (I would do it while drinking a glass of wine! lol) I did all this during the winter, so it was not so critical that I have perfect shaved legs. Eventually (within about six months), not much hair would grow back and what did was blonde and soft and only noticeable in bright sunlight. I will occasionally have a stray dark hair that I just pluck with tweezers. It has been the best thing I ever did! I don't even have to think about my legs anymore. I maybe use the Epilady a couple times a year and tweezers once a month!


answers from Washington DC on

I shave once or twice a week. I have very fine blonde hair on my legs so it doesnt show. Under arms though, everyday



answers from Baton Rouge on

I only shave when my legs or pits are going to be visible.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I do the procedure two or three times a week. I thought it was an annoyance until I broke an ankle some years ago, and after the cast came off I was a hairy monster on that leg. It was awful, and I did have razor burn. I find that when I'm consistent and frequent - and use moisturizer afterwards - it's a much better way to go.



answers from Dallas on

I shave most days in summer and every other to third/fourth in the winter. I too get REALLY bad razor burn. One things that does help but sounds like it would hurt (I didn't do it for the longest time because it sounded weird) is to shave with a body scrub instead of cream. I use the Boots brand at Target (9.99) and rub it on, then shave it off. It actually helps a lot and I get razor burn less with it. So maybe try that. Like you, I only get it on my legs, but man it hurts!


answers from Norfolk on

I use to have to shave every other day or daily, but then I did the laser hair removal about 10 years ago and I've got nothing but occasional peach fuzz to shave now.
I shave the fuzz about once a month and the arm pits about once a week.



answers from Des Moines on

I Epi-
The hair that does grow back comes in lighter and finer. I do this about every week - two at the most.
I have been using an Epi for a couple of years and I love it! Much kinder on my skin that shaving and no more coarse hair.



answers from Seattle on

I only shave during the summer. My hubby isn't bothered by hair (quite the opposite, he says he finds it weird if women shave off all of their body hair), so I only do it if I must (wearing skirts, short sleeves or swimsuits).
I get razor-burn easily as well and found that a little hydrocortisone (OTC) cream applied right after shaving works wonders to prevent it.



answers from Lubbock on

It's everyday for me. I tried every other day, but people commented on my stubble. At least if gets long enough, it's soft. ; )



answers from New York on

In the summer when I'm wearing shorts or capris every day I shave almost every day in the shower. I'll skip a day but never more than 2. But the winter is a whole different thing. One of the things I like about Fall in the northeast is the cooler weather, Autumn leaves, pants, socks & shoes and NOT HAVING TO SHAVE MY LEGS every day. But I still shave about once a week to prevent a jungle from growing on my shins. ;o)



answers from Dallas on

I haven't read the other suggestions but try Shick Intuition in the shower. I have found that I nick and burn far less with those than other razors.

Good luck!


answers from Asheville on

I shave mine every day or almost every day despite the fact that I only own two pairs of shorts and have only gone swimming once since August. I just hate the feeling of hairy legs. As for underarms, every day or almost every day.



answers from Abilene on

I use the Schick Intuition razor now and have for over a year. I never get razor burn with it and I just run it over my legs daily and it is fast and easy cause you don't have to fool with shave cream, etc. I use if for my bikini area and underarms as well. They are a bit more expensive, but if you cut out the cost of the shave cream, not much. I buy mine at Sam's Club and the package lasts me almost a year for $25.00. That's a little over $2.00 per month. Try them if you haven't. Sometimes I just shave from knees down cause the hair on my upper legs is so fine and blonde. It's so easy to use them that I just grab it and run it over my legs and I am done in about 30 seconds on each leg. Super fast and super easy.


answers from Houston on

twice a month maybe, but i am lucky with my leg hair, i dont have much of it , it grows very slow also.



answers from Dallas on

Funny, I've always wondered the same thing when people say they shave every day, I'm surprised. In the summer I shave every other day, usually legs one day, armpits the next, and thighs every couple of weeks...only in the summer. In the winter shave my legs once, maybe twice a week same for the arm pits. Hair seems to grow slower in the winter, maybe because I shave less ofter...



answers from Philadelphia on

You sound like me, i will never have hairy pits! My legs... well i slack in the cold weather... every few!



answers from San Francisco on

I shave my underpits every other day. In the summer I shave my legs every other day (shins, not thighs). In the winter I shave my legs about once or twice a week. I only shave my thighs in the summer a couple of times because I get bad razor burn and they itch for a few days. But I find the older I get the more disgusting the thigh hair is... its almost like pubic hair! Disgusting!


answers from Phoenix on

OMG, no I don't shave every day! I usually shave with soap and water and my razor once a week or more and use an electic razor the rest of the time, but don't keep up with it daily or really consistantly. I do shave under my arms every 2-3 days or so, so weird that I hate hairy under arms but don't care if I have hairy legs! LOL!!!



answers from Des Moines on

Probably every 2 or 3 days. My leg hair is very dark and thick, so any less than this and it becomes very uncomfortable. If I had finer or lighter leg hair - I would totally let it go out of laziness, haha!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm not a "hairy person" so I've always gotten away with once or twice a week for my legs, about EOD for the pits!

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