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Updated on November 19, 2012
S. asks from Barrington, IL
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Does anyone have a good razor they suggest for shaving your bikini area? I always get red bumps and it never really looks "clean". Maybe it's just me, but there has to be a solution out there. I have waxed before, but during the summer that doesn't work because you have to wait 2 weeks in between.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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answers from Chicago on

I think it's Noxema that makes these tiny little disposable razors specifically for that area. Loofa in between to help with the bumps and use bikini zone should help too.

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answers from Chicago on

I have sensitive skin so I've been there too! Mario Tricoci has a brand called ESolutions and the product is called Razor Relief. I think it's about $20. I honestly can say I can't live without it. I use it on my bikini area and my husband uses it on his neck (who can get horrible ingrown hairs). It'a really great product.



answers from Dallas on

I would pare the coochie cream with a sharp men's razor. I actually sell coochie cream as aproduct of my party business. I use it with gilette's fussion razors.



answers from Chicago on

Use a very sharp razor (i prefer the 4 blade ones) and use bikini zone or deodorant on the shaved area also helps. Just put one or the other on right after shaving.



answers from Chattanooga on

Use your regular razor, just switch to Coochie Cream instead of shave gel~it is a shaving cream made specifically for your bikini area. you can buy it at just about any adult store (im sure you could find it online too if it makes you uncomfortable to go into those stores...)



answers from Chicago on

I use Mach 3. I know it's a men's razor but it gets much closer than the women's razors seem to.

I've never had bumps, but I did use Bikini Zone once...OUCH! It burned so bad I threw it right out.

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