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Updated on June 01, 2010
J.W. asks from Spring Lake, MI
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Hi Mommas! I was just wondering if any of you have any tips on shaving your "bikini area". I seem to get razor burn, red bumps every time, no matter what I do... wondered if anyone had tips on how to get a smooth look with NO red bumps! Thanks so much!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Waxing? :) Its painful the 1st and sometimes 2nd time, but SO WORTH it! :) After that no big deal!

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answers from Miami on

I live in Florida and god knows you have to have a clean bikini line down here because of all the time we spend on the beach and stuff. I used to have the same problem until I asked my dermatologist what to do. it was very simple. She said to always use a clean and "fresh" razor (meaning make sure you know when the razor is getting dull), use a good lather or shaving cream on the area, shave LAST in the shower so skin is moist and the heat from the water helps for a smoother shave. Then, here's the secret weapon....Salicylic Acid. It is an exfoliant and is found in the drugstore in the skincare aisle. It is in several topical acne medicines for the face. I use Clean and Clear in the silver tube. My dermatologist says this keeps the hair follicles clear and prevents them from getting blocked with bacteria, sweat, or oil which causes the dreaded bumps. Retinol cream also works the same way. I tried this and voila'....IT WORKS!

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answers from New York on

i do my bikini area all the time.. i do it at night in the bathtub.. i used shaving lotion.. then i put some balmex.. diaper rash cream on and go to bed.. next morning it's fine.. you can also try nair.. it works good too... i use it once in a while then take a shower.. then put some balmex on.. blamex is good for burns too.. and even pimples.. if it can keep a baby's butt perfect.. it works well for other things too...

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answers from Saginaw on

you are going to laugh....but I got this advice from an exotic dancer! It works. apply stick deoderant/anti persperant to your bikini area after shaving, and the next day. think about shave under your arms constantly, do those bumps appear there?
it works too! have no clue why...

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answers from Detroit on

A product called Coochy by Pure Romance. I have had people swear by it for no road rash. I personally have not tried it yet but I did purchase it just havent had a chance to try. I even heard men love it too.



answers from Detroit on

I have used the "coochie cream" as well. It really does work (even if the name is ridiculous). I was then told that using hair conditioner as a shave gel works - I tried it and it did work for me :) Much easier to purchase than the coochie cream :)



answers from San Francisco on

Use an electric hair trimmer instead of a razor. without any tips on it it's a very close shave and I do not get razor burn from using it, as I did with normal razors.



answers from Detroit on


I used to get the same thing, but like another mom answered use trimmers. Trimmers eliminated the razor burns and bumps, and in a few weeks the blemishes from using the razors went away also. Sometimes if I can't get as close as I want I will use a razor and because I don't use it as often I don't get the bumps and burns.

Hope this helps!



answers from Detroit on

As odd as this might sound I have been using a product by PURE ROMANCE called 'Coochy' it is a rash free shave cream that works like a dream.
My girlfriend Susan started selling PURE ROMANCE products and swore by this and after I tried it, I was diffenately hooked.
Her number is ###-###-####.
I am even able to shave 'back there' without ANY problems.
Good Luck and let me know how it goes.



answers from Detroit on

You need couchy cream. You can buy it through pure romance or slumber parties. It works great on legs too, my legs have never been smoother, and I don't get razor burn in my bikini area either. Both have web sites and you can find a consultant in your area, have a party and get free stuff, they are a lot of fun!



answers from Detroit on

I use Neet or Nair in lieu of shaving. Granted it may be a little toxic but it does get rid of the hair and for a longer period of time. However, if you want to shave pat baby powder on that area. It will get rid of the bumps and irritation.



answers from Dallas on

You may need to go to an adult "toy" store, but I used to use Coochie Cream. It gives a great smooth shave and also conditions your hair. Or in Target or Wal-Mart you maybe able to find Bikini Zone that you put on after you shave to reduce red bumps. That works well too.



answers from Detroit on

Coochy works great if you are not allergic to it. I have tried just about all the things suggested and found that deodorant works the best unscented is the best less things to irritate the area. or use conditioner that works also. I have allergies to some wired things and that leaves out all shaving creams and gels. My best friend was a dancer for almost 20 years and she told me about the deodorant that is my favorite. Especially in the summer when you wear jeans or jean shorts it helps with chafing also.


answers from Detroit on

Have the area waxed. You can ususally get a good 4 weeks out of it and not bumps. Plus you are maintenance free for a few weeks. If you only do it in the summer months, you are looking at 4 visits or so. And if you have never had it done before, no is does NOT hurt and no you will not bruise :)

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