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Updated on April 30, 2010
S.H. asks from Magazine, AR
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What kind of razors do you suggest for shaving my legs? I can't afford to change to often so I know I use mine too long, but it seems like lately I always cut the back of my leg. Same place, same leg, every time!

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So What Happened?

Well, after your posts ladies, I have narrowed it down to a few and will head to Walmart to see what the prices are. I have tried Nair- kinda burns and really stinks but that is an option and will remember it as well...

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answers from Austin on

I heard this on the radio:

The whole article is on his webpage, but basically you can use a razor for a really loooooong time as long as you take care of it.

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answers from Boston on

Steal your husband's :-)

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answers from Dallas on

I use the purple Noxzema disposable razors. They aren't expensive, they last a long time and they make my skin really smooth. I also can go longer in between shaving...since I started using them, that's all I buy...

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answers from New York on

i get mine at costco, the bulk pack with 3 razors. i use it one time but the pack has like 50 of them, so i am good for 2 months. i am a hairy girl so i shave every day. otherwise it gets dull then it cuts my legs.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I use the Intuition razor blades, which are hideously expensive. I used them until they are dead, too. When they are "dead" I continue to use them but first I put a layer of good hair conditioner on my legs - like you would shaving cream, but not nearly as much (just a thin coating). That gets me at least another week out of each blade. Plus, I think that the soap around the razor runs out WAY before the blade is actually dull. The plus of doing this is it keeps your skin soft and cuts down on the amount of lotion you need to use. I always have conditioner left after the shampoo runs out, anyways :)

Also, in order to cut down costs with razors, I switched my 13 yr old over to a Remington Wet/Dry razor. You could consider doing that for yourself as well. She really likes it and uses it in the tub/shower.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Gillette Quatro is awesome. I use the same blade for a long time and it shaves smooth every single time. I love it!



answers from Nashville on

I just started using the 5 blade Venus, and I really like it. They last a long time. I also don't shave very often. I don't wear shorts much and hubby is always gone. I'm lazy. But it seems to grow less often too because I don't shave it as much.

What the heck is coochie creme?



answers from Johnson City on

i used gellette for a long time but now use the green venus and when they start causing the burn they are so dead i add a bit of "coochie creme" well i use it quite a bit leaves my legs real smooth and seems like those rasors and in combination with the creme my legs stay smoother longer



answers from Houston on

The best thing you can do for ANY razor is too make sure it is completely dry after use. I rinse mine really well under hot water and then use the hair dryer to ensure it is dry. Moisture is the biggest enemy of the blade.

I am not particularly hairy and don't shave often, but get tons of life out of (triple blade) store-brand razors.


answers from Mobile on

I used to use Venus, too, but I dont have the time or patience to sit and shave anymore. So i switched to Nair, and i absolutely LOVE it! It takes 3 minutes to be hair-free, and it leaves your hands and skin velvety-smooth. Also- the hair seems to grow back slower and finer everytime.

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