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Potty Training 3 Year Old boy...not Interested at Home!!!!

J.F. asks from Boston

My son (turned 3 at the end of May), is just not very interested in sitting on the potty when home (he will at school, but all the other children in his class are pot...


Computer or Hand Held Educational Games

A.T. asks from Dallas

Hi Friends! I am looking to purchase an educational computer game system for my sons (5 & 2.5). I have been looking at v-tech, leap frog, and wii. I hoping to fi...


My Son Wants to "Learn to Read"....

S.E. asks from Great Falls

My 4.5 year old pays very close attention to commercials on tv - he is the target demographic let me tell you! The other day he saw something having to to with learn...


My 3 Year Old Won't Answer Questions

D.E. asks from Cincinnati

My youngest will be 3 this month. He is starting a pre-school like program next month. He has a well child and physical scheduled next week and I plan on speaking wit...


I'm Looking for a Toddler Video Game/computer

R.N. asks from Dallas

My son will be 2 next mo and I have been looking for a little computer/video game type thing to buy him. Can any of you recommend one? V-tech has one that hooks up t...


Tips on Preschoolers Electronics

M.M. asks from Dayton

Hi there!! I was wanting some advice on preschoolers eleectronics. I am interested in getting my 4 1/2 year old son some kind of educational electronic for Christma...


Looking for Best Digital Camera for Kids

S. asks from Houston

Hi, My 6-year-old is very interested in photography. I have read hundreds of reviews that have said that the Fisher-Price, Little Tykes, V-Tech, and other lesser-kno...


A Few Toy Recommendations

C.O. asks from Washington DC

i'm considering a few bigger ticket items this holiday season for our 3 yr old and would love some input about your experience with digital cameras for kids, portable...


Best Video Game System for 5 Year Old Girl?

C.G. asks from Nashville

Hello everyone, I am wondering if you can help! We are considering getting some kind of video game system for Christmas for our just-turned-5 year old girl. She is...


What to Get a 3 Year Old Boy for Birthday Besides a Bike or Thomas the Train Set

H.K. asks from Gainesville

are there any new toys out that your little toddler just loved? We have his birthday coming up on the 31 of this month. He has too much thomas the tank stuff, but tha...