Christmas Present for 4 Year Old with Sensory Issues

Updated on December 21, 2009
E.P. asks from Euless, TX
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Hello Moms,

I am late in sending a Christmas present to my 4 year old nephew, whom has sensory issues, and I do not know what I could get him that would be educational? Does anyone know what would be an appropriate gift? I sent some really good age-appropriate Melissa & Doug puzzles last Christmas, and I would like to send another good, quality, educational gift. I don't want to send him anymore cheap car sets like on his birthday, so any good ideas you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your advice

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answers from Dallas on

Lakeshore Learning near the Galleria has some really fantastic toys. Perhaps a building type set? They have some really nice foam-type blocks. It's a really great place for learning toys and they don't necessarily cost an arm and a leg either.

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I have a 4 year old with Sensory Issues, Developmentally Delayed and fine motor delays. I have lots of suggestions for you

1.) Sit and Spin- spinning, going round in circles helps kids with Sensory Issues. Our Son gets Occupational Therapy and he gets on a swing that can go forward/backwards or side to side or round and round in circles. Our Son just got a swing that is for the outdoors and bounces up and down and spins round and round. Sensory Issues are a brain issue and when the kids spin it helps balance them out as far as their brain goes. It helps calm them down.

2.) Special Swing-if you want more info, I can give it to you. It was pricey, around $70 that hangs from a tree. It comes with some rope, but you have to get more rope and the swing seat is round and the child can bounce up and down and round and round in circles.

3.) Playdoh or Moon Sand- Moon Sand is messier. Playdoh type tools would be good to go with the Playdoh. Anything that is textured would be great for the hands and feeling it.

4.) Books that have textured type material inside. This is touchy/feely type books that have different types of material where they can feel and touch different types of material.

5.) Books on touching, books on sounds, books on the different senses might be good.

6.) Hopper- this is one of those jumpy horse type toys that the kids can jump on up and down. It will have to be filled up with air. This would help calm him down when he is having problems.

7.) Small Trampoline-they make kid ones that have a handle. This might be more pricier, but would help with sensory issues.

8.) Fuzzy puzzles or textured type puzzles.

9.) Paint, especially finger paints. Designs for Children on Camp Bowie have a lot of different paint supplies.

10.) Shaving cream for the bathtub or play time.

11.) Sand for a sandbox or small sand table.

12.) Beans or rice and then small toys that can hide inside a bowl filled with beans or rice. The kids dig for the small toys and get the feeling of the rice or beans as well.

13.) Gummy type small bugs, not the edible kind. Sometimes they are in the machines where you buy them. These are the "squishy" type toys that would be good for touching.

That is great you are wanting something to help your nephew. That is very thoughtful of you.

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answers from Dallas on

Hello E.,

How about legos, lincoln logs, tinker toys, v-tech,
leap pad? You're a good Auntie. =) ~C.~



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I just bought my 4 yr old a great game called Zingo! I got it at target, it's bingo but with pictures and the word on the tiles. Iris meant to help them learn to read. It is a non noisy game and my 4 yr old son wll even play alone.



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Hello! I am happy to help you out with a gift! I make all types of children's touch and feel books. I also make quiet books, and educational books. They all range from $25 to $50 depending on the level and detail you would like.
I also make tents which fit over card tables. I don't have any of these on my site yet, but I am happy to send you pictures of past themes I have done. (jungle is my biggest seller!) it puts a "sheet over some chairs" to shame! These range from $60- $100 depending on details and table size.
Since I am local, we still have plenty of time to create!
I hope you find what you need and Merry Christmas!



answers from Dallas on

The previous replies were great suggestions. Please understand, for a child with sensory needs, what may seem like a cheap toy to many, will provide hours of needed sensory stimulation. My sensory daughter loves those big squishy balls that have teeth, anything that she can put her mouth on and chew, play dough, bubble machines, small tents are great for her, and she loves stuffed animals. She also love's those vibrating foot massagers that look like stuffed animals. I think Walmart had them for $15. Zingo is a fun game, so is Operation, Candy Land, Guess Who, Bop-It, and sporty games like those colorful felt bowling sets. To learn more about how simple toys provide lifetime help for children with sensory process issues, check out SPD Foundations website. Sorry, I do not have their address. You could also google "Brain Train", and they usually have great ideas, as well.



answers from Dallas on

I also love the Melissa & Doug sets. I would suggest going to the toy store called Learning Express. They have alot of of great toys that are great for what your looking for. They have seveal locations. I know for sure in Frisco,& Plano. They prob have a website too. They carry the Melissa & Doug sets there too. Very awesome that you look for a special present for him. Good luck,& Merry Christmas!!



answers from Amarillo on

Any toys that stimulate the brain, the cube puzzles work great also puzzles or books that have differant kinds of textures or matching texture games.



answers from Dallas on

my girls have the melissa and doug mailbox. they play with it all the time. it is sorta a puzzle because there are three different sized mail and three different mail slots.



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Kohls has a ton of new Melissa and Doug toys. A good friend has gotten several for my son this Christmas since he has autism and is hypersensetive. I think if you stay with the Melissa and Doug brand you will keep your nephew very happy. :-)

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