Picky Eater

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Selective Eater

L.M. asks from San Antonio

I really need some suggestions, My five year old is currently recovering from pneumonia, he spent two weeks in the hosptial with a very poor appetite. He is a selecti...


Picker Eater

J.L. asks from Boston

Please help!!!! My 5 year old has grown to be the pickiest eater ever! Also, I have noticed he is the smallest kid in his class. I do know he has grown this past year...


What Do You Feed Your Picky Eater?

S.A. asks from Chicago

My 6 year old son is the pickiest eater. He has gone for bad to worse. These are the only things he will eat (fruit, pb&j, grilled cheese, hot dogs, cheeseburgers,...


Slow Eater

B.S. asks from Dallas

My 2.5 year old daughter is a slow eater. Her twin brother and older sister are great eaters and get done with meals in a normal time frame. She will take 2-3 times...


Troublesome Eater

S.S. asks from Chicago

I am so happy my friend recommended me to this site. It is so nice to see so many moms involved in the health and well being of their little treasures. I have an a...


18 Month Old Becoming Very Picky Eater

E.C. asks from Reno

My 18 month old daughter is becoming a very picky eater. She used to eat most anything I gave her and now dinner time is a chore to try and find something she will ea...


Are YOU the Picky Eater in Your House?

R.D. asks from Richmond

I sure am! I mean, my 2 year old son is p-i-c-k-y, but he's... well, he's 2!! My 8 year old only doesn't like shrimp. My 6 year old only doesn't like 'spicy' (s...


Picky Eater

L.W. asks from Atlanta

My 3 year old eats cereal (no milk), PB & J, hot dogs, Mac & Cheese, Cheese Toast, occasionally fish sticks or chicken nuggets and fruit. No veggies. I'm not complai...


Recipes for a Picky Eater

J.W. asks from Peoria

My 4 year old is a very picky eater. This past week we have been getting her to try new things. Some things she has liked and others she has not. I made campbell s...


Picky Eater

I.E. asks from New York

My son is 2 and a half and is such a picky eater. His main food of choice is a yogurt drink. He would only have that if I let him. He also will eat chicken nugests...