Picky Eater: Preschooler

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Fussy Eater

K.R. asks from Chicago

Hi, My 18 month old boy is a fussy eater. He has now started gagging when we put new food in front of him. For example tonight I made some mac and cheese and put a sm...


3 Year Old Stubborn Eater

K.A. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 3 year old son who is beyond a picky eater. He refuses to try a lot of foods. He has been like this for two years. He sticks to only particular foods and tha...


My 3 Year Old Will Not Eat

E.F. asks from St. Louis

My 3 year old has not had a fruit or vegetable since he came off baby food 2 years ago and for the past month he does not have BM (lack of fiber)unless he takes a ora...


4 Year Old Is a PICKY EATER!

L.C. asks from Denver

HI! I know this question has probably been asked a ton and the one thing I know is that kids ARE picky eaters but I have a few specifics that I'd like some light shed...


Picky Eater

A.R. asks from Appleton

My daughter is bout year and half almost 2 and she is becoming a picky eater! she wont hardly eat any meat besides chicken nuggets and hot dogs if that or she wont ea...


3 Year Old Prescribed Adderall- HELP!!!!

N.A. asks from Spokane

After the last 18 months or so we finally have some answers to our sons ourbursts and radical behavior. Our 3 year old has been diagnosed with Autism and his Dr. put...


3 Year Old Very Picky Eater

H.P. asks from Springfield

Im just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. My son is now so picky with eating. He used to be the perfect eater and now for the last year or so there are very fe...


Help with a Picky Eater Who Is a Toddler

M.B. asks from Denver

My dear daughter is 22mos. old. She is a big girl, weighing in at 30lbs plus. She has always been a great eater. Recently, over the past month she started getting ...


Picky Eater

L.J. asks from Salt Lake City

My little boy has become somewhat of a picky eater. I give him something one day that he will do really good at eating, then a few days later he doesn't want to touch...


Picky Eater

M.G. asks from Atlanta

My 15-mo old daughter is a really picky eater. I tend to feed her Mac n' Cheese a lot because I know she will eat that. I simply do not know what to feed her to ens...