Picky Eater: The First Years

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My Toddler Is Extremely Picky Eater!

J.S. asks from Denver

My 2.5 year old son is a picky eater. My husband and I are SO frustrated! Our problem lately is that we are trying to be more consistent with having "family dinners" ...


Picky Eater

E.C. asks from Dallas

I have a toddler that is 20 months old. Her appetite has always been everchanging depending on teething. However, she started skipping meals recently. I don't think s...


My One Year Old Seems to Be a Very Picky Eater???

H.C. asks from Lincoln

I cannot ever figure out what to give my son to eat. He was such a good eater when he just had baby food, now that I am trying to switch to table foods he is having ...


My 2 Year Old Is a Very Picky Eater

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

Help-my 26 month old has become a very selective eater. As a baby he would eat anything and everything. It didn't matter to him...fruits, veggies, meat, bread-you n...


My 15 Month Old Is a Horrible Eater

J.S. asks from Pittsburgh

My 15 month old son is not a very good eater. He weighs just under 20 lbs. and is in the 5th percentile for weight. His problem seems to be that he likes one food one...


Picky Eater Won't Eat

K.M. asks from Dallas

Ok Mamas, I REALLY need some help here. My little non-eating angel is almost 17 months old, and I have tried so many different things to get her to eat on her own. Ab...


Picky Eater

B.C. asks from Salt Lake City

I have a one year old who does not eat well. She is allergic to eggs, milk and wheat. She only weighs 14.6 lbs and the doctor is not happy. I am frustrated because I ...


Food Allergies, Picky Eater and Nutrition

M.W. asks from San Diego

My son is nearly 14 months old, 19.5 lbs, 28" tall and low on the growth curve. He is anaphylactic allergic to eggs, dairy, wheat, avocado and tomato. We have epi pen...


HELP With the Pickiest Eater in the World!!!

M.M. asks from Atlanta

Most people think I'm exagerating about this until they meet my 5 year old son or hear what he actually eats. For the past 4 1/2 years I have tried everything to get...


My 13 Month Old Is Picky, picky...picky!

M.S. asks from Portland

My 13 month old little guy is ALL boy, except for his eating habits. Ever since he's realized he can eat what mommy is eating (to a point), that is all he wants. Bu...