Picky Eater: Nutramigen

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Extremely Fussy Eater

C.M. asks from New York

Hi.... I have a now 2 month old. He has been diagnosised with GERD/reflex and is on zantac for the heartburn. My concern is that up until recently, he has done fair...


Food Allergies, Picky Eater and Nutrition

M.W. asks from San Diego

My son is nearly 14 months old, 19.5 lbs, 28" tall and low on the growth curve. He is anaphylactic allergic to eggs, dairy, wheat, avocado and tomato. We have epi pen...


Formula Advice

A.W. asks from Atlanta

Would you recommend Nestle Good Start Supreme for a fussy, crying, gassy baby??? I have tried Enfamil lipil and Nutramigen. My baby has GERD, is on prevacid twice a ...


Why Are My Sons Eating Habits Are So Strange?

K.R. asks from San Luis Obispo

Hi moms..maybe you can give me some advice on this? My son is 4 1/2 months old, he is a very active generally happy but very fussy baby. He is meeting all of his mile...


Help with Formula

S.R. asks from Indianapolis

I have a almost 3 month old son who has a problem with spitting up. Since birth he has spit up. My doctor has put us on several different formulas, enfamil, soy, soy ...


Abdominal Pain

C.C. asks from Dallas

My son is two months old and he has severe tummy issues especially with passing gas. We took him to the specialist but he only prescribed Anti-acid meds. the pain is ...


We Need Sleep!!!

K.D. asks from Jackson

I have an eleven week old little girl that has reflux. She is on prilosec and zantac twice a day. She has never been a good sleeper, but now is up every 10-15 minutes...


Help with 4 Month Old Feeding Issues

L.B. asks from Kansas City

Hey mamas! I need some major help here. I have a four month old baby that, not be mean, has been a MAJOR challenge since she was born. I have a 2 year old also so ...



D.N. asks from Tampa

As some of you already know from my previous cries out for help, I have a colicky baby with GERD (reflux) who was being breastfed, but now is on formula (to 1-see if ...


Is Goat's Milk Better for a Cow's Milk Sensitive Toddler?

J.M. asks from Miami

Hi Moms, My 27-month-old toddler is sensitive to cow's milk and gets eczema and diarrhea when he consumes it. I'm desperate to get him off of Neocate, a speciall...