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Updated on March 06, 2008
K.J. asks from Oceanside, CA
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Hi, My Son Justin has been Such a "picky eater" for the past 3 1/2yr's. It's driving me Nut's! He Will NOT eat cooked veggies. Only celery & carrots w/ranch dressing. He will Not eat; mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, fish sticks. Those are "things" that I've always thought every kid liked! He will eat; chicken, noodles w/alfredo sauce, steak, hamburger(s) occasionally, fruit, p.b. & j. and of coarse all the sweets (not that I let him have them-all the time). This is Really driving me nut's ! He DOES like veggies & other foods that I try to feed him. But he insist that he doesn't! He just doesn't want to "venture out" from his so-call comfort zone!! HELP... Does anyone have any advice? Thanks. I'd appreciate it!
:) K. J.

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answers from San Diego on

I am interested that you say you have a weight issue and thus of course your own eating habits are not working for you.. It might be useful to take a cooking class or nutrition course - that way you will benefit too and you will have new passion and new recepies! Maybe you can tempt him that way- do you think that Look What I Learned - is a good way to get him to try foods? Have you had him help you prepare them?

I admit to being horrified by the American diet!!
So much chemical and fat. Chickens here are full of hormones. Bread and other foods even flour have chemicals in.
Buy organic at all costs. Dried fruit like apricots or mangoes for a snack instead of candy when possible.

You say he likes lots of vegetables? like carrots, broccoli, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumber circles, etc? Beets are fun and make food pink. Fun!

I would advocate NO processed foods or box foods wherever possible.
Home made pasta is good and when you eat them too he will try much more fun and tasty vegetables maybe with his fave sauces on?
Lots of ways to prepare eggs and fish. let him help and try them.
Whole grain bread or toast
Boiled Eggs and poached eggs to dip toast in
Scrambled eggs Omlettes
Pancakes (homemake - no chemical flour)

Fish pieces (no bones of course)

Veggie pieces as crudites with dipping ranch and humous etc might work

Mashed potatoes Roasted Baked or Sauteed potatoes
Whole milk or rice milk.

Do you have a juicer?
Blending veggies and fruits into drinks is excellent way to get nutrition into him. Of course you don't tell him what's in there! My niece enjoyed ''strawberry' specials for years, never guessing it was mostly carrot and beetroot juice!

Good Luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi K.! Kids are smart. I think that Justin, like my son Noah, is just looking for some kind of reaction. I don't try to insist anymore when he says that he doesn't want any (even though I know he does love it), but I do leave the food in front of him and let him be for a while. He usually gets over it fairly quickly and eats it. It's pretty funny sometimes actually. He realizes that his drama won't get any audience, so he gives in eventually. :)

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answers from San Diego on

Hi K.,
One of my girls were the same way. I have one child that eats everything, and one that goes through fazes. Just keep offering it and he will try it. I will just put small portions on her plate, sometimes NOTHING, and sometimes she will suprise me and eat some. I just don't go out of my way to give her a dish different from the family. Last night I made Salad, fish sticks and little corn bread muffins. She ate the Salad.....Strange I know! Why don't you try to sneek a little bit of veggies into his alfredo with noodles. I also just got that cookbook from Sienfields Wife. Where she incorporates pureed veggies into their food it is great! Hope it helps.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi K.,
I have two sons Jaxon is four ( VERY PICKY EATER) and Carter who is two ( EATS ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in site). It is very interesting. I have lost over 80 lbs in the last year in a couple of ways. Walking, higher water intake..changing my thinking and the use of Arbonne/ Mon Avie Products. I now sell/share these products and how they have helped my entire family get the nutrition we need. For Jaxon, I started making smoothies every morning with rice protein powder, mon avie juice and Arbonne vitamins. This way I know that in one drink he is getting the benefits of all his fruits and veggies, vitamins and minerals. I also found some great Omega 3 fatty acid gummy bears at Costco which give him a source of protein and brain- building support! I found that Jaxon is so visual that I began asking him how he would like his food. Usually dry, no sauces, condiments, etc. I started getting creative and asked if he wants to have a "waffle sandwich" just a waffle with syrup folded in half. We also have "silly dinners" where we will have breakfast for dinner. This way I can usually get more food into his belly. I also implemented a fun,eating chart ( really like a game, during every meal.) He loves to determine the number of bites he will have of each item of food and mark them off the list. I would love to speak with you more about what I have implemented with Jaxon and for my own weight loss. Also, the deceptively delicious cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld is good...it just takes TIME. Genuinely, C. ###-###-####



answers from Reno on

Can I just commiserate with you? My little girl won't eat veggies unless I puree them and mix them into mashed potatos or something. It's quite frustrating since our family is big on fruits and veggies. Oh, and by the way, she will only eat bananas or grapes. I think it has to do with the texture, not the taste in her case. The doctor said to just keep offering!

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