Picky Eater: Infant

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Fussy Eater

K.R. asks from Chicago

Hi, My 18 month old boy is a fussy eater. He has now started gagging when we put new food in front of him. For example tonight I made some mac and cheese and put a sm...


Picky Eater

M.M. asks from San Diego

My little one is turning 2 soon , and he is a very picky eater. I was thinking of giving him a nutritional drink to supplement if he misses a meal. Any recomendations...


Picky Eater

M.S. asks from Chicago

I have a 16 month old girl and she is a picky eater. I still have to feed her some baby food stage3 veggies so i know she is getting something. She will only eat cert...


Very Picky Eater

T.R. asks from Philadelphia

My 15 month old is a ver picky eater. There are certain things she likes, and anything new i put in front of her she either just smashes it or throws it on the floor....


Help with a Picky Eater Who Is a Toddler

M.B. asks from Denver

My dear daughter is 22mos. old. She is a big girl, weighing in at 30lbs plus. She has always been a great eater. Recently, over the past month she started getting ...


Picky Eater

L.J. asks from Salt Lake City

My little boy has become somewhat of a picky eater. I give him something one day that he will do really good at eating, then a few days later he doesn't want to touch...


Picky Eater

M.G. asks from Atlanta

My 15-mo old daughter is a really picky eater. I tend to feed her Mac n' Cheese a lot because I know she will eat that. I simply do not know what to feed her to ens...


Picky Eater!

P.S. asks from Boise

hello all, My 6 1/2 yr old daughter is a very picky eater. any suggestions or help is welcome! Also, lately she is hungry ALL the time. Could this be an upcoming ...


Picky Eater

L.M. asks from Wilmington

My Daughter is 9 months now. She has become a very picky eater. She doesn't want you to feed her. I know this is ok but she wants to do it all herself. If you try to ...


How to find good recipes for a 11 year old picky eater?

M.A. asks from Minneapolis

I have an 11 year who has always been a picky eater. Now that he is in middle school and involved in more activities, what can I fix him that is quick and healthy. ...