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Picky Eater!

P.S. asks from Boise

hello all, My 6 1/2 yr old daughter is a very picky eater. any suggestions or help is welcome! Also, lately she is hungry ALL the time. Could this be an upcoming ...


Picky Eater

D.P. asks from Raleigh

Do any of you other moms have suggestions on how to deal with the picky eater? I have an 18 mo that turns his nose at almost everything. I find it to be constant stru...


Picky Eater

J.C. asks from Boston

Hi! My baby (22 months) used to be a good eater. Lately, he won't eat much of anything and would rather throw his food than anything else. He likes crackers, fruit c...


Picky, Picky Eater

M.V. asks from Chicago

Thanks to all the VERY helpful responses. I had to LOL at the kethcup thing, I can almost bet he wouldn't like it! :)- but I will try. I'll try everything and or a...


Light Eater!

J.N. asks from Harrisburg

My son is 20 months old and he just doesnt seem to ever want to eat much. He is growing and is generally a very healthy kid. I am not overly worried about this, but I...


Baby Doesn't like Gerber 3Rd Foods (Texture)

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is 9 1/2 month old and I've been trying to give her the 3rd foods meals that are chunkier and she doesn't like it at all and gags. Tonite I attempted to g...


Finicky Eater...

B.S. asks from St. Joseph

My 2 month old son is having issues taking his bottle. He wouldn't nurse well when he was born, so we swiched to the bottle which went well until he was about 6 week...



A.W. asks from Grand Junction

DS is 7 1/2 months now. He is an absolute JOY! He is rarely fussy- only when tired or hungry. He has been on solids for about 2 1/2 months now. When he eats solids it...


Picky Eater

C.L. asks from Knoxville

my 2 year old daughter is so picky she hardly eats anything i make her she only eats oatmeal yogurt chicken fish sticks ramen noodles and juice me and my husband try ...


Feeding a Fussy Toddler

D.H. asks from Providence

Hi All! Does anyone have any suggestions for feeding a fussy 16 month old boy. The only thing he will eat is Gerber meatsticks, diced fruit and alphabet noodles in ...