Picky Eater: Enfamil

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Picky Eater

C.O. asks from Minneapolis

My 1-year-old has suddenly turned into an EXTREMELY picky eater! Right now, his diet pretty much consists of scrambled eggs, string cheese, fruit, cereal, bread (som...


Enfamil Lipil Next Step

S.G. asks from Las Vegas

Has anyone used Enfamil Next Step as an alternative to milk for the nutrient content after their child turns one? Did you get your doctor to agree that this was a go...


What Is the Differnce in Enfamil Lipil and Next Step?

G.S. asks from Chicago

any one know? if theres a difference in enfamil and enfamil next step, whats the purpose of switching formulas for just the last 3 months???


Finicky Eater...

B.S. asks from St. Joseph

My 2 month old son is having issues taking his bottle. He wouldn't nurse well when he was born, so we swiched to the bottle which went well until he was about 6 week...


REALLY Picky Eater, Any Suggestions?

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Moms, I need some suggestions to feed my "really" picky eater.. I've tried everything it seems, and over and over again, but still no luck... He goes in phases ...


Fussy Eater?

C.V. asks from Reno

Hi. I am asking ffor my sister in law. she has 3 month old twins. They are eating formula and gaining weight and such. The problem is one of them cries while he s eat...


Tips to Switching over to Cows Milk *Very Picky Eater*

M.P. asks from Provo

Hey mama's! So my son just turned 1 and I had started switching to cows milk 2 weeks ago and seemed to be doing great! I would mix half milk and half water plus his f...


Enfamil Lipil (Gentle) vs Similac Advance with Iron

A.S. asks from Columbus

Our second son is three weeks old. we nursed for the first week and a half while weaning to Similac Advance with Iron. Our son does well enough on formula in genera...


Breastfed to Enfamil Next Step or Cow's Milk?

K.C. asks from Evansville

My son is 10 months old and I have been breastfeeding him since birth, and continue to do so at least until he is 1yr old. After that, we'll see. If all goes well, ...


Picky Eater with Constipation Issues

K.C. asks from Boston

So, my son is not a fan of meat or veggies. I can get him to eat chicken nuggets and fish sticks from time to time, but that's it. It's all pasta and dairy, all the...