Picky Eater: Miralax

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Anyone Use Miralax?

J.L. asks from Dallas

My almost-3-year-old had horrible constipation issues that were finally resolved w/ Miralax. It works wonders. My ped told me it is OK for him to stay on it awhile, b...


Miralax for My 23 Month Old?

A.C. asks from Charleston

My son who will be 2 friday has had belly pain for several weeks. The dr ran some tests they all came back normal. The x-ray showed some mild "back up" in the bowel...


6 Year Old Who Is Picky Eater and Recently Very Constipated

A.W. asks from Boston

My 6 year old daughter who has been a very picky eater all her life has been really constipated lately. She doesn't like to talk about it at all. She finds it embar...


Picky Eater with Constipation Issues

K.C. asks from Boston

So, my son is not a fan of meat or veggies. I can get him to eat chicken nuggets and fish sticks from time to time, but that's it. It's all pasta and dairy, all the...


Slow Eater, Leaves Veggies for Last

M.M. asks from Boston

My 5 year old was very picky until last year. She does better now but is very slow to eat especially if talking about something that interests her. My husband, I and ...


My Son Is an Extremely Picking Eater. It Is Driving Me nuts...help Please!

S.B. asks from Canton

Hello mamas, I need some advice here. My 5 year old only eat certain foods. Bread with butter or peanut butter only, milk, Bar B Q chicken, (only a certain brand) pop...


Potty Troubles

T.P. asks from Washington DC

My three and a half year old girl is having potty issues. This is not something new with her. If I don't give her Miralax everyday she starts to have difficulty goi...


My Almost 3 Yr Old Daughter Is constipated...what Should I Do?

A.F. asks from New York

I need advice. My dtr is constipated and tends to vomit while trying to push out her poop. I've tried Miralax...any other suggestions? She's a picky eater and won't...


Extreme Difficulty Pooping for 2.5 Year Old

C. asks from Chicago

Sorry for the gross nature of the request, but wondering if anyone has dealt with this, as I'm paranoid about damage being done to his intestines. The doctor so far ...


Freaky Question...

F.S. asks from Portland

if u dont mind me asking...what can i give m 2 1/2 year old to make herself more regular and not so tedious when she needs to 'do her job'. I am giving her poly vi so...