Picky Eater: Epi

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Picky Eater

D.P. asks from Raleigh

Do any of you other moms have suggestions on how to deal with the picky eater? I have an 18 mo that turns his nose at almost everything. I find it to be constant stru...


Food Allergies, Picky Eater and Nutrition

M.W. asks from San Diego

My son is nearly 14 months old, 19.5 lbs, 28" tall and low on the growth curve. He is anaphylactic allergic to eggs, dairy, wheat, avocado and tomato. We have epi pen...



S.D. asks from Richmond

I am a parent of two little ones. I have chronic allergies. I recently had my seven year old tested at a allergist because this Spring she had a horrible time. She...


Too Early for Peanut Butter?

T.T. asks from Denver

My son is almost 18 months old, and I am really wanting to try peanut butter with him. Our doctor had said to wait until he is 3, but I think that is a little crazy. ...


Yogurt for a 71/2 Month Old

M.R. asks from New York

My pediatrician says to wait until my son is 9 months to start yogurt, but yo-baby makes a yogurt that says for 6 months +. He is a good but picky eater(loves all fr...


Is It Typical for a Daycare to Forbid You to Bring in Your Own Lunch?

M.C. asks from Tampa

My son goes to daycare/pre-school a few days per week. Until now, I sent his lunch. They are starting a new lunch program soon where the school will begin providing...


School Lunches

K.S. asks from Columbus

My son is entering 1st grade & I will be sending him with lunch. He is a pretty picky eater & although the school provides pretty good meals, he won't eat much of an...


Son Is Allergic to Peanuts, Eggs, Soy and Wheat.

F.F. asks from Chico

About three weeks ago, we found out that our 2 year old is allergic to peanuts, soy, wheat and eggs. We have found that anything in the same family as peanuts and soy...


Peanut Butter Advice?

M.L. asks from Minneapolis

Hello. I have a question about peanut butter. I am a grandmother of 4 and when (our) children were little babies, about 8 months and up (or) when they had teeth and ...


Cookbook for Toddler

S.V. asks from Los Angeles

Hi ladies! I have a wonderful 14 month old that is a picky eater-does anyone know of a good cookbook that I can buy with yummy recepies? I also found out that he ...