What Should I Write on a Nanny Application If I Need to Bring My Son to Work ??

Updated on April 25, 2016
N.L. asks from Mount Laurel, NJ
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I am a single mother who previously worked as a nanny. I am trying to go back to work and I am having a hard time finding a family who will accept my son and well as me to care for their children. I have applied to MANY job posting but can seem to get a response. Does anyone know what I can write in my application to better help get a job?? sample cover letters or anything?


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answers from Pittsburgh on

The first thing I would want to know is how much you are charging. Because I would expect to pay s lot less for someone dividing her attention between my kids and hers, as compared with someone focused only on my kids.

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answers from Washington DC on

Maybe you would do better sitting out of your home for a few kids?

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answers from Sacramento on

Are you listed on sites like Care.com, where you can sell the two of you together? I can understand the hesitation on the part of parents ... they want their kids to be the center of attention and don't want to take on the expense of feeding your child and/or covering your child's activities. I think explaining that you'll cover all of that and highlighting all that you do have to offer might help, whether you're applying for jobs or posting yourself as a potential nanny on a site.

What about offering the childcare in your home? That solves the issue entirely.

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answers from Binghamton on

I assume your son is still quite young. So I would advertise as a nanny share with excellent references. It means you will get paid about half your normal rate since that's how nanny shares work. Each family pays half and that's basically what you would be offering. Your son and their child to one nanny.

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answers from Portland on

Would you mind giving us a sample of what you are writing? Really, it all depends on the situation of the families of which you are applying. I am open to a babysitter bringing her child with her to watch our children, but that is only because I use a babysitter occasionally and for an hour or two at a time. I agree with newname2013, that some parents want their children, especially if they are young, to be the center of attention at all times. That is completely understandable. If your son is young, they might feel as though your attention would be too divided. Also, what is your range of pay? That was a rhetorical question. :) Back in my college days, I was a nanny for a family, right up until my daughter was born. We had discussed my continuation after munchkin was born, but at a significantly lower rate: think two kids for the price of half a child. Perhaps you are asking too much or the parents feel it is too much. Or, it could not have anything to with you at all and just the particular situation of the families you are responding to. I wish I could be of more help. Please let us know what happens.

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answers from San Francisco on

Usually when someone hires a nanny they want that person to be focused 100 percent on their child/children.
Have you thought about instead trying to do child care from your home? You may not make as much money but it's more common/expected for in home child care providers to have kids of their own.

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answers from Norfolk on

If I'm hiring someone to look after my kid(s), I want their attention on MY KIDS - that's what I'm paying them for.
If they need to bring their own child sometimes, I'm not sure I'd be ok with it.
You might do better baby sitting out of your home.
You provide day care or after school care and your son will be there with the other kids.

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answers from Chicago on

Why can't you offer babysitting services in your home? Many SAHM's babysit in their own homes so that they can stay home with their own child/children.

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answers from Anchorage on

I would be unlikely to hire a nanny who wanted to bring her child. I would fear that her own child would be her main focus and that my child would be treated as second place. If I am hiring a nanny rather then using a day care center it is because I want that one on one time between the adult and my child. I would try to make other arrangements for your child or see about doing a small daycare center from your own home. Or, as Jane T suggested, advertise as a family share nanny and cut your rates.

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answers from Washington DC on

I did this when my son was 1 so I could be with him and so he could have a playmate. Luckily, where I lived a child care license was not needed to watch another child in my home. It was very difficult to find a family, and the only way I could was to charge a nanny-share price. However, I met several nannies at the park that would bring their own kids and still got paid very well. I think it's because they had excellent references and years of experience. I really worked hard with my son and the lite girl I watched. We played, learned, talked, went on outings, and I fed them very well. It was a great experience and the two of them are still great friends years later. I wish you lots of luck!



answers from Oklahoma City on

No, you can't take your child to work with you. They are never going to pay you to watch your own child.

Sorry to say that being a nanny again probably isn't in your immediate future. I suggest you apply at child care centers for now so you can get back to steady employment.

Another option is to find child care for him by getting child care assistance so you can work in another field or open your own licensed child care business in your home.


answers from Dallas on

Sounds like you need to set up a legit based daycare out if your home.

No one will pay you 100% to watch/nanny their children with your child tagging along.


answers from Washington DC on

When I was looking for care for my kids I had a lot of people who had their own kids want to watch mine too. I never considered them for a few reasons. One being that I expect whoever is watching my children to be fully focused on them, and if you have your child - that's where you focus will be. I support that, but you can't do both. Another being that then the risk of you missing work/being late/leaving early, etc increases ten fold. I have others, but I'll stop here.

I suggest you look at running a daycare from your house or finding a daycare for your son and then a job for you.

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