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Pregnant and Terrified!

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

After MUCH thought, including being 24 hours away from a vasectomy and re-scheduling, my husband and I decided to try for baby #3. I just felt that someone was "miss...


10 Month Old Hates to Eat Baby Food

C.L. asks from Boise

I have a real problem, my son is about 10 months and for the last month an a half he has not wanted to eat his baby food. He will take the first bite but then he will...


How to Respond to Other Children's Reactions to My Baby with Special Needs

J.E. asks from Grand Junction

I was at a playground today with my big girl who is 4 years old and baby girl who is 10 months. Some young boys noticed my littlest munchkin and said something like "...


Spinoff of Resume Question

A.R. asks from Dallas

Victoria T asked a question about how far back to go on your resume and got some good responses. Most people seemed to think 10-15 years was as far back as you shoul...


Toddler Getting Enough Sleep?

D.C. asks from Raleigh

Hi moms! I'm hoping someone has some advice for me. My youngest son is about 21 months old. When we stopped giving him a bottle (about a month ago), we've been hav...


Feeding Solid Foods

J.C. asks from Portland

I am curious about people's experience in introducing solids to their baby. I have a seven month old who is not really interested in food. I have been trying to fee...


Where Do People Get Off....???

D.P. asks from Detroit

OK this maybe more of a vent than an advice seeking post I was with my DD at a store. Although she generally has a pleasant disposition, she is also autistic and w...


Safe Insect Repellent

J.D. asks from Denver

Hey ladies-I started hunting around and then thought perhaps this pool of awesome mamas could help me...I'm searching for an insect repellent that WORKS, that's safe ...


Lactation Drugs

J.M. asks from New York

I recently had surgery on my R foot, I was told I could go right home and breastfeed. I did and did not have any feeding/producing issues. I went in for my second sur...


My 23 Month Old Son Hates Meat

C.G. asks from New York

My son is becoming more and more picky. I found a temporary solution, and realized that he would rather feed himself, but he will not touch meat! the only time he w...