Sippy Cups, Which Ones Are Best?

Updated on May 30, 2010
V.F. asks from Shreveport, LA
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My daughter is one. She does great with a sippy cup, but we have been using the nubby brand and it leaks out the top. I bought a munchkin one and learning curves the other day. She had an issue getting the milk out of them and I finally was able to get the munchkin one to work, but it leaked! Anyone have any cups that work for them that are available at Target, Walmart or toys r us?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of the input! I will try playtex. I was advised by my best friend not to try those, but I will have to follow all of the advice of you guys!! Thanks.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Playtex are the only ones that have never leaked for me. I have tried nubby, disney character ones, gerber etc.... I would never use anything but playtex

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answers from Indianapolis on

It's so hit or miss with sippy cups. I say use whatever works for her through trial and error. We loved some of the platex ones, the Nuby's, and the Dora/Diego Munchkin ones.

Our favorites, though, that have been consistently the best are the Nalgene ones from the camping section (finally carry them at Target). They're sturdy, don't leak, are easy for the kids to use, and have greater volume than most. But, they're expensive at $8 each. Well worth it, though, in my opinion because we've never had to replace them.



answers from Huntsville on

I use Playtex sippy cups. They dont leak or anything



answers from Stationed Overseas on

We started out with the Gerber soft top ones with the handles and had no problems with leaking. Then we moved to the Gerber sip & smile. I like these a lot. They are very durable and the insulated ones keep the contents cold. We also tried the learning curve ones because they were cute and even I had problems getting the milk out. Now they just sit in my cabinet.


answers from Asheville on

I also do not pay attention to brands, but the ones we like best are hard type tops. They may be Gerber. They have short ones nad tall ones and they all come in two-packs. One in the pack has the alphabet on it the other has cats and dogs. They come in blue and green or pink and green. The others we like helped with weaning from the bottle. K mart is the only place we have found them. They. sort of, look like a "sport" cup. The spout is a soft one and is centered on the top. They look a lot like a bottle to me, but they have decorations on them. The only ones they had when I went to Kmart were yellow with race cars. I know they have pink and purple though. There is a Disney one that my girls like also. It has a hard top, but has a soft part in it that has a slit cut in it. (We cut the slit bigger, when they got bigger) It comes in Disney princess or Disney fairies, and there is no extra insert to clean on any of these except the first one mentioned.(Hard top)



answers from Jonesboro on

My daughters speech therapist asked us to throw away all our sippy cups that did not have a straw in them to suck through for all my children and not just for the one in speech. Something to do with the way you have to suck out of the other sippy cups - she said the way your mouth forms with them when drinking is the same as a baby bottle. We had a small fortune invested in those cups but we did as she said.


answers from Chicago on

I just switched from Nuby (same reason) to the Playtex cooler brand. LOVE them! They don't leak, especially when DS tosses them across the room. :)



answers from Oklahoma City on

We have mostly used the Playtex cups. They are more pricey but don't leak.



answers from Phoenix on

I also think Playtex makes a good sippy! I'm currently using them with my 13 month old daughter, and we havne't had a problem with leakage.



answers from Houston on

Over the past 8 years, with 3 kids, I think I've tried them all. I always found the Playtex ones to be the only ones that consistently did not leak. Any others were hit or miss.

Good luck,



answers from Chicago on

The entire line of Playtex cups -- all available at Target (and Walmart, I think.) My First Sipster (stage1), Sipster (stage 2), Insulator (3) and Coolster Tumbler (4). I've been using these for 3 years now and they *never* leak when dropped, thrown, tipped over...or even left laying sideways on the carpet. The only way anything has come out is when the kids were toddlers and would vigorously pound them, upside down on the high chair tray. And even then, maybe a drop or two would come out. I put these in the dishwasher and even that doesn't negatively impact them or shorten their life.



answers from Dothan on

Any sippys with very little to no soft plastic or seperate parts. I personally stuck to the disney character, hard plastic all around sippy including the spout since my kids bite and others leak all over them and everything else. Walmart/Target anywhere seels the hard sippys, throw out thos soft squishy ones they are going to cost yu more in the long run. of headaches that is



answers from Salt Lake City on

I use a couple diffrent kinds. I started with the soft top ones (sorry I dont pay attention to brands) but my kids learned to bounce then on there trays and get juice everywere. I then moved to the hard top ones. I try to get any that dont have valves becuase they just seem cleaner to me. I also started to use the sippy cups with the flip top and straw. It took my son about 3 days to figure out the straw but he loves them now and it helps alot for when we are out and about. I no longer have to take a sippy to restraunts becuase he can use a straw and drink out of a regular cup. The only problem I have fond so far is sometimes the kids will stick there fingers in the little vent holes and make them larger and then they leak. At that point I just toss them.

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