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Activities for a LOOOOONG Car Ride.....

hey ladies... This summer my husband and I are driving to WI to visit family. We have an almost 2 year old and a 7 month old. Does anyone have any ideas for keeping them entertained (besides the dvd thing) along the way. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you so much!!!

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Help W/ Techniques on Teaching How to Tie Shoes!!

Hi, I want to ask you wonderful women if I am jumping the gun or behind the pack on teaching my 4 yr. old son how to tie his shoes. He does go to daycare 3 days a week to get the socializing experience before kindergarten and his teacher once told him that he should know how to tie his shoes by now. Which I was shocked....should he know, am I not up to date on teaching him, or was she just frustrated that day? He will be 5 in February and I do work with him, but I lack any of those cute little stories to go with learning how to tie your...