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Kissing... with Tongue?

Love it? Hate it? I used to be totally big on kissing, you know, the tongue-filled make-out kind... it was such a turn on for me... It could be so intimate or passionate, or both! I loveD it... But the older I get, the less enchanted I am with it... can't seem to get into it like I used to... doesn't seem to have the same effect on me, which is kind of disappointing to me, since I used to love it so much... I know it's probably a mindset and in my head, like most things, but I was just wondering what you all think about kissing...


Kissing My Son

Is it awkward to be kissing my 10 year old son? I dropped him off at school...

Sexual Identity

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Is She Bisexual?

My daughter is 13 and is unsure if she is bisexual or "straight", I am not against any of these but don't know how to help her in anyway! Does anyone know a way? She has had a boyfriend (against my knowledge, her 11 year old sister told me) but said she didn't like being with a boy as much as she thought. We have very good communication in our house and I have spoken to her and sat down with her. It is not me who is majorly freaking out (I have a gay sister and we're the best of friends!!!), she is the one who is scared of herself! I don't...


Faking Being Gay

There was a question on here about a daughter saying she was dating another...

Teen Pregnancy

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Pregnant or Not?

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Normally I can tell you down to the hour when i will get my period. The only other times I have been late is the month of my wedding (stress) and when I was pregnant with my daughter. Should I retest or am I really not pregnant and just anticipating it so that is why I am late?


Am I Pregnant?

I am almost a week late, took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. ...