Anybody Who Has Experienced PROM (Premature Rupture of Membrane)?

Updated on January 18, 2010
P.L. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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I recently lost my first daughter at 21 wks of pregnancy due to PROM. I didn't even know what that was or how serious it was. I caught it too late because my leak was not a gush but it came in a small amount. By the time I was placed on bedrest and antibiotics I didn't know it was too late. My question is what should I be aware of as I search for a good doctor? DO you highly recommend seeing a high risk doctor only? (Edit: To all the MEND moms, thank you for your support! I have been attending MEND since Nov 09 and I am surviving through my grief with the support from so many women in MEND (:. )

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answers from Dallas on

Ohh, P., I am so very sorry for your loss. I experienced PROM with my daughter at 32 weeks, but luckily she survived. I then experienced PROM two years later when I was pregnant with fraternal twins, and I lost the twins at 20 weeks.

Sadly, the first responder below is wrong. Most OBs sort of treat PROM as an anomaly, something that just happens randomly, and they will not treat you with more care in a subsequent pregnancy (or maybe that was just the Baylor practice I was with, Women's Health Alliance). Even two years older (and I was 39), pregnant with twins instead of a singleton, they were not worried about the possibility of a future occurrence of PROM and took no steps to minimize the chances of it happening again.

The good news is, there are some OBs out there who will treat PROM seriously. My current OB/Gyn, Dr. Gregory Chapman at Presby, said if I ever did get pregnant again (at 42? Haaaa!), he would absolutely schedule a cerclage for 12-13 weeks. Based on research I did after losing the twins, early cerclage can greatly increase your chance of carrying a post-PROM pregnancy to term, as do things such as 17P shots, bedrest, and more careful and more frequent monitoring. Here is a website with more information about PROM: I learned more from that website than I ever did from my former OB, if that gives you any idea of how helpful the website is (or how unhelpful the former OB was). The good news is that there are success stories on the website from ladies who suffered losses and went on to have living babies. It can and does happen.

Again, I am so very sorry for your loss. I know you are aching for your sweet daughter. I can't tell you how many people I have met who suffered from a PROM loss around 20-21 weeks. It seems to be a crucial point in the pregnancy for some reason, and there is nothing more heartbreaking.

Oh, and I wanted to add, I also think MEND is a great group. It helps so much to be around other people who understand how devastating it is to lose a baby and who won't say well-meaning, but horribly hurtful, things.

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answers from Dallas on

P., I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a baby as well and know how hard it can be. I'm not sure where you live...or if you just didn't like your previous doctor and that is why you're wanting a new one? But after my loss, I could not go back to the same doctor so I started looking. I found a really great one. He is very sensitive to the loss and let me come in as often as I felt that I needed to come, which was so great for my subsequent pregnancy. His name is Dr. Troy New and he is out of the Baylor Grapevine Hospital. His number is ###-###-####.
Also, if you are looking for some support after your loss, I am on the board of directors of an organization called MEND--Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death. We support families who have lost babies due to miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death. If you ever feel like you'd like to talk to other moms who have experienced the death of a child, please come. Our website is and we meet the 2nd Thursday of each month in Irving. Let me know if you'd like any other info...I'm happy to help if I can. My e-mail is [email protected]
You can see pictures of my little one that I lost on my website: and go to "Logan's" page...there is also some info on MEND there, too.

I will keep you in my prayers...



answers from Washington DC on

I have not experienced this but just wanted to offer some advice. I think that the next time you are pregnant and you make your initial appointment with the OB/GYN , once they go over your history they will mark you as high risk anyway and see you more often than they would a woman who has had no problems during pregnancy/delivery , if they do not deal with high risk pregnancies then they will advise you and refer you to a Dr who does.

I wish you the best for the future




answers from Dallas on

Hello P.,
I am sorry for your loss. In my last pregnancy my membrane almost rupture, I bled went to the ER, was put on bed rest, was made an appointment with a high risk doctor at that time I was about 20 weeks, from then on I saw both my regular OB and the high risk doctor until I delivered. I am pregnant again this time with high blood pressure and it looks like I am going to be doing the same thing, see both dr. I recommend seeing both dr's, they can work together minimizing your risk. I think that when talking to a potential dr. you should ask him/her questions about what happened to you and if they have any experience dealing with rupture membranes.



answers from Dallas on

I am so sorry for you loss. I have not experienced PROM but I did have a daughter who was stillborn at 38 weeks. I attended a support group through MEND (Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death). I know there are other moms who have experienced PROM and you may be able to get some information by contacting MEND and ask to be connected to those moms. I changed OBs after I lost my daughter. I go to Dr. Christina Dooley in Denton. She is very thorough, compassionate, dedicated and kind. I did see a perinatalogist in Lewisville also but he doesn't deliver babies. I would also recommend Dr. Tom Fliender (sp), he delivers at the Lewisville Hospital. I know he and his wife have experienced the loss of several babies. I would recommend having a consultation visit before you are even pregnant so you can find the doctor you feel peace with. That is what I did with Dr. Dooley.

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