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Thoughts About Private School

S.K. asks from Dallas

Hey mamas, My older son is 4. He has one more year before Kindergarten (he'll turn 5 in April). We are trying to figure out how we want to go regarding school. ...


Husbands - Demanding Careers & Sahm's

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi ladies. Let me start this by saying my husband is wonderful. He's a fantastic father, and really appreciates me and the roll I play at the at home parent. He ...


Kinda Odd Question (And Long), Wondering How to Best Respond When...

K.B. asks from Detroit

...people say something about how much something must have cost you, or how they could never afford it themselves. Let me just start off by saying that we are a so...


Husband with ADHD

K.S. asks from Denver

I am exhausted, and not sure what to do. My husband is a good, well-meaning guy. But I don't know how much more I can take. He has always seemed ADHD (we've been marr...


Question for Moms Who Use Financial Planners

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

How much are financial planners and are they really worth it? Thanks!


Husband Made Bad Investment Decision

S.J. asks from New York

Recently my husband made some bad investing decisions in my 401K and it's pretty much gone. I'm beyond feeling angry -- especially since he knew about it and never d...


College Pre-Paid Tuition Plans

N.P. asks from Chicago

Just curious if any of you invest in a pre-paid tuition program for your children. If so, which plans? If not, how else have you chosen to invest for your child's e...


Independent Financial Planner Western Suburbs

L.G. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a referral to an independent or fee based financial planner. I do not want to work with someone who works on commission. I live in Lisle and would ...


Life Insurance

C.P. asks from Harrisburg

I'm looking for term life insurance, most likely 20 yr. I am part time and do not have it through work. Where have you found the best rates? What should I be looking ...


If You Had $ to Invest for Your Kids

S.D. asks from Phoenix

If you had $6000 to put in some kind of an investment for your child... What would you put it in ? CD are only .35% to 1.25% intrest. It is horriable. And it was ...