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Little Kids Shoes - Worth the Money?

Hi My son is almost 4yrs old. I have purchased most of his shoes from Target or Wal-Mart in the past. Recently a mom was talking about how bad it is for your kids developing feet to buy 'cheap' shoes. My son's feet are growing so I have looked at 'Stride-Rite', Crocs, Timberland etc and I'm finding it hard to justify $45 or more for a pair of shoes for a 4yr old. Do you buy 'better quality shoes' (?) for your kids and if so what brands do you recommend please?


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What Online Site to You Often Shop From?

I like Amazon but it's can be pricey. Any cheap, fun ones out there? You know, a website that has anything and everything available on it that you might want or need? I have one: for fun things but anything else ladies............?