Husband Is Stressed Out About Work Suggestions How I Can Help?

Updated on January 02, 2011
J.B. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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Okay husband works for himself for a mortgage company and this business is very slow. He is having problems finding leads. Do you ladies have any suggestions that I can do to network for him from home and find him leads? I would like to surprise him with this so he can be happy and also so he knows we are in this together. I am 38 weeks pregnant so I can not do much but I want to help him so he is not so stressed out. I love him more than anything and just do not want him thinking he is on his own in this department.

He has been in the industry for 17+ years and is licensed in AZ, CA, and IL so that would be the market I would try to get in touch with.

I am not looking to sell on this website I am just looking for advice on network sites I can join to help my hubby. Thank you ladies.

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So What Happened?

So we are fine now. My hubby and I pulled through things as a team and made it through. He has switched industry's and is not in the car business. I had to just remain confident in him and try to live frugal in anyway I could to help with finance and send out his resume like crazy while he nails the interviews. We worked as a team and without that I am not sure we would of made. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

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answers from Sacramento on

Look into a business networking group called BNI and see if they're in your area. If there isn't already a mortgage broker in the local network, he'd be a candidate to join. BNI's website can give you the details about the group so yu can see if it might be a good fit for him. Also encourage him to join the local Chamber of Commerce if he isn't already a member. They have a lot of networking activities.

Good luck!



answers from La Crosse on

O.K. now maybe I am coming from the man vs woman way of handling things...but if he is stressed out...I would venture to guess he may just need to vent. I know when I apporach my husband about an issue of my own...I already am 99% sure of how I am going to handle it so the last thing I want is help or advice...I just need a sounding board. Sadly enough if he starts trying to "help" it gets me upset and defensive (but maybe that is just me).

It is a hard economy for his line of work, and I would just do everything I could to listen and not offer too much advice or many suggestions...

I would venture to guess he is scared of not being able to provide for his growing family...and maybe not your man, but some men would find you suggestions and assistance as loss of faith in him, and his ability as a provider...Just a thought...I may be way off target...just suggest you tread lightly with "helping him."



answers from Tucson on

My husband is in the same boat. He has been doing this for 7 years and things are super slow. I ask if I can to anything to help. Sometimes it is just listening, sometimes it is printing labels, stamping and mailing letters for him.

He does take realtors out to lunch and has great follow through, the problem is the economy. He also contacts old clients for refinancing and referrals.

What I do is try and make coming home at the end of a stressful day good for him. I have dinner ready, his clothes ironed, keep the kids busy if he needs alone time. I also find as many ways to cut back on costs as much as possible. We canceled all unnecessary things like the home phone, satellite, and going out to eat. I use coupons, buy only what we need, and make my own laundry soap and bread.

Hang in there things will get better.


answers from Phoenix on

Has he considered diversifying / adding services such as offering insurance or investments? Perhaps this would give him something else to focus on. In addition, there is a huge market in insurance and investments.

No pitch, but my husband went through a similar situation. With more tools, he is now able to do more business. My husband would be happy share his experiences & to talk to him if he has any questions.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Can he partner with some realtors? You can always ask past customers for referrals, but you either need a mortgage or targeting real estate agents might be a good idea. Also home inspectors, surveyors, other words people that are involved with house hunters.

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