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My 5 Year Old Child Is Super Spoiled !

Help, I am at my wits end with my 5 year old . I am a single mother of 1, his father is not in the picture. I work a full time job and have family help me raise my lil boy . When he is with them he listens and behaves but when he comes home with me he does a complete 360... He dosent listen to me , he throws tantrums , and he says the most mean and hatefull things to me, like he hates me and that he doesnt want to be around me and that he wants to hurt himself and sometimes he does like punching or scratching himself . I will admit ...


My Child Won't Sleep

Hello all, My daughter is 8 months old and she is still waking me up in the...

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Separate or Joint Bank Accounts

Quick survey here: Do you have a separate or joint bank account and why? DH and I have separate bank accounts. It's just something we've always done, no questions asked. But now that I'm not working, I'm thinking otherwise. I get unemployment but at $400 less a month than what I wasmaking when working. I can't pitch in what I used to so I'm thinking we should just combining everything. But I kind of feel like I'm ceding control Yes, it's me. So what's your situation?


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Websites for 6 Year Old

I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. I am looking for some suggestions for websites that are age appropriate. We already go on Playhouse Disney and PBS. Are there other free websites for my children to visit?


6 Year Old Argues!!!

I have a 6 year old son who argues with EVERYTHING we tell him. Does anyone...