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Updated on June 04, 2008
M.S. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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My daughter is 6 months and im looking to go back to work part time nights right now to earn some extra money. i can only work from 4-9pm 10pm absolute latest. ive been on and sending in my resume like crazy but i havent gotten any responses. When I found out that i was pregnant i was a 2nd assistant at mcdonalds and have been in management for almost 4 years. im just looking for something simple (grocery store etc) or if i can get a job at a daycare or something like that so i can bring her, i would love to work during the day full time. Does anyone know of anyone hiring? I live in the metrocenter area and dont really want to travel more than 10-15 miles.

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Hi M.:
I work for World Financial part-time on a very flexible schedule. There are no quotas to meet so my performance is up to me. I educate families on Financial Concepts such as Mortgages, Investments, Savings, College Education Plans to name a few. The training is easy to understand and fun. The teamwork and support system are awesome.We are looking for good hardworking professional people to join our organization. If you are interested in a great opportunity, give me a call to set up an appointment at our office. Our websites are or



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Hey M.,
My old neighbor works at Valley Childcare and Learning Center at 35th ave & Greenway. She does not have to pay for her daughter that goes with her as far as I know. This is their website. Also, my sister works at a gym in the childcare center and she has never had to pay for her childcare either. She works at a Gold's. The only one I know of around here is at 83 ave and Thunderbird. Good. Luck!



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What you could also do is try to do something from home thats what I do.Check out the website its, if you have any questions just e-mail me.


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Hi M.,

Are you still interested in earning income part time or from home? I have owned and operated my own business for 12 years and usually take my son with me.

I completely understand. I have worked at home for 12 years and absolutely love it!

I am a co-founder for a new networking company that specializes in natural products and travel. We currently are searching for distributors to build this incredible new business. We have incredible all natural products and it is easy to do from your home computer and phone. It is a web-based business that you can take out of your home if you like or keep it web based.

We have a very special event this Saturday June 7th at 10am at the Scottsdale Plaza.

No fee for the class, it is free, but you do need to register, call me at ###-###-#### for tickets. You will also receive a 2 night 3 day hotel voucher good in 45 different cities. Something all families need!

Trust me on this, attend our event, check us out and let me know your thoughts. Very easy, little time, little investment and incredible income potential all from your home computer and phone!

I am a businesswoman in the Phoenix area for over 12 years.

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