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Updated on August 22, 2008
L.S. asks from Denton, TX
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Hi everyone. I'm looking for a maid in the Denton area that could come into my home every week for an hour to clean bathrooms, maybe mop or dust...whatever is needed at the time. I recently tried Maid in America and was charged close to $170 for two maids to come in for two hours and clean (and was originally told they have a three hour minimum.) I think this is pretty steep pricing! Does anyone have any names/suggestions for reliable and trustworthy maids in the Denton area. Not specifically looking for a maid through an agency as they tend to charge more. Thanks.

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Hi L.,

I have my own cleaning and data entry business. Able to provide references. I have several 10 yr. of service clients. I do not do any less then every two weeks and charge $60 - $65 for 3 to 3.5 hrs. If you are interested in setting up a time to speak -- my e-mail is [email protected] I am located in Denton and enjoy what I do. I am a mom and wife of beautiful family and at one time a GM for Red Lobster, but after 15 yrs. decided I would be a mom and do what I love most. CLEAN. I do have a couple of business that I maintain, and I also maintain the homes of the business owner. Thank you for your time.

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My name is C. Morris, I live and work in Denton area. I am a single mother, and recently started my own cleaning business. I would love for you to try me out. I have references and experience, and I do a great job! Especially if you let me know what specifically you need / like / want done, I will make sure it gets done. I started doing this so that I could attend college full-time to complete my degree to give my son and I a better life. Let me know when we can meet, my home phone is ###-###-#### when you hear the lady's voice just dial x 269, or my personal email is [email protected] I currently clean for FEMA in Denton, Harwell Motor Co, JHR Investments, and a few residences. As I said, I can provide references, and I have no criminal history. I can be available to you whenever you need me!

Thank you for your consideration.




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Try- Superian Housekeeping Services
Celia Lopez
I have been using them for awhile and I`m very pleased with them. They are very dependeable and through and very nice. I really like them alot. I hope you will try them oops they are very resonable. They are bonded and insured . Free estimates. D. Boswell



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Hi L.,

Here is the number of the 2 Sweet Ladies that come to clean for me once a month.... Good price, excellent cleaning and very reliable...

Yesmenia ( I pronouce it Jessie )
Hope they can help You.
Virginia Still

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